DOI: 10.14704/nq.2016.14.1.889

Cumulative Residual Photon Power Density of ~10-12 W•m-2 During Mild “Distress” in the Same Space: Implications for Temporal Entanglement

Blake T. Dotta, Lukasz M. Karbowski, Nirosha L. Murugan, Michael A. Persinger


The potential for entanglement of photons generated within the space-time continuum to remain as residuals of photon flux density within the same space requires excess correlations between successive temporal increments. Our model predicted that the quantitative relationship with the fundamental quantity of 10-20 J multiplied by the inverse diffusivity from the wave impedance and magnetic susceptibility of space and the electron orbital frequency would reflect excess correlation. The value would be ~10-12 W• m-2. To test this prediction experimentally, different mice were serially exposed within the same container box or each mouse was placed in different container boxes placed in the same space for 3 min per mouse while photons were measured from the dorsal surfaces in hyper-dark settings. Before asymptote was evident around 30 to 35 min of serial exposures the net increase in photon flux densities within that same space was 10-12 W•m-2. These results suggest that the same “space” may “store” photon-related information as indicated by previous experiments involving chemiluminescent reactions. We postulate that entanglement between photons emitted from biological systems during distress within the same space and specific concurrent magnetic field patterns may create the conditions for the “retrieval” of these photon patterns at some later date when these fields recur.


photon emissions; entanglement; excess correlations; NeuroQuantology; mice; biophotons

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