Vol 9, No 3 (2011)

Open Access: Pioneers Who Have Changed the Face of Science

Table of Contents


Pioneers Who Have Changed the Face of Science and Those That Have Been Mentored By Them PDF
Cheryl Fracasso, Stanley Krippner
Wanted! Creative Quantum Physicists Around the Age of Thirty PDF
Sultan Tarlacı


Recollections PDF
Karl H. Pribram
Applying Consciousness, Infinity and Dimensionality Creating a Paradigm Shift: Introducing the Triadic Dimensional Distinction Vortical Paradigm PDF
Vernon M. Neppe, Edward Close
Information and Learning in Neural Systems PDF
Subhash Kak
Hiroomi Umezawa and Quantum Field Theory PDF
Giuseppe Vitiello
Mentor Among the Redwoods PDF
Donald Mender
The Discovery of Quantum Tunneling in Biological Electron Transfer and the Possibility of a Redox-like Mechanism of the Mind: A Retrospective PDF
Alan S. Haas
How I Came to Spend My Life Among the Once Nearly Dead: Ken Ring's Story PDF
Ken Ring
Description-Prescription Principle: A Proposal to NeuroQuantology PDF
Wasney de Almeida Ferreira
The Strange History of a Nobel Prize Winner Who Predicted the Meaning of Research PDF
Massimo Cocchi
Towards a Quantum Field Theory of Mind PDF
Fred Alan Wolf
Quantum Biophysical Semeiotics PDF
Sergio Stagnaro
Creativity Revalued: How Professors, Students, and an Innovative University Are Turning the Tide PDF
Ruth Richards, Judith Kolva, Mindy Atkin, Harvey Cheatham, Ruth Crocker, Marta Davidovich Ockuly, Terri Goslin-Jones, Claire Jones, Stefan J. Kasian, Robert M. Kenny, Gina Smith
Mentors and Muses PDF
Allan Combs
Measuring the Transpersonal: The Research and Mentoring Contributions of Harris Friedman PDF
Cheryl Fracasso, Zeno Franco, Douglas MacDonald, Harris Friedman
Known Knowns… Known Unknowns… and Unknown Unknowns: Processing the Research Journey PDF
Elva Hoxie, Cheryl Fracasso
Amedeo Giorgi and Psychology as a Human Science PDF
Marc H. Applebaum
Jimmy’s Out-of-Body Experiences PDF
Michael Bova
Louis Hoffman and the Art of International Dialogue PDF
Jason Dias, Trent Claypool, Michael Moats, Elva Hoxie
The Flapping Butterfly Wings of Gifted Mentorship: Ruth Richards and Saybrook University PDF
Denita Benyshek
Reflections on a Special Relationship with Mircea Eliade PDF
Mike Maliszewski

Opinion and Perspectives

The Binding Problem in the Light of Quantum Physics PDF
Pierre Uzan
Archetypes and Collective Unconscious Compared to Development Quantum Psychology PDF
Adam Grzegorz Adamski

Quantum Paradigms of Psychopathology

Modes of Dissipation: The Green Episteme and Its Not-So-Green Psychopathologies PDF
Donald Mender

Altered States of Consciousness

Psychedelic Experience as a Heuristic Tool for Exploring the Mind and the Brain PDF
Alexey Alyushin

Book Review

Plotnitsky on Quantum-Theoretical Thinking: Epistemology and Probability PDF
Gordon Globus

Basics of Quantum Physics

Possible Medical and Biomedical Uses of Quantum Computing PDF
Donald Frederick Parsons

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