Vol 13, No 2 (2015)

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Physical Consciousness Outside the Brain: Parasite Fermion Model for Substance of Consciousness Full Text PDF
Takashi Taneichi
The Concept of the Lighter Shadow Matter Body and Brain: A Valuable Contribution to Mind-Brain Problem Full Text PDF
James Paul Pandarakalam
Exploring Psychomanteum as a Psi-Conducive State of Consciousness Full Text PDF
Alejandro Parra, Jorge Villanueva
Investigation of Interactions Between Low Energy Positrons and DNA Using the Monte-Carlo method Full Text PDF
Kemal Koç, Ahmet Çetin
Explaining Dopamine Deficiency of Spiking Neurons Based on Quantum Superposition Theory Full Text PDF
Mohammad Daneshzand, Jasem Almotiri, Rania Baashirah, Khaled Elleithy
No-go Theorem for Stapp’s Quantum Zeno Model of Mind-Brain Interaction Full Text PDF
Danko Georgiev

Commentaries on Articles

Reply to Georgiev: No-Go for Georgiev’s No-Go Theorem Full Text PDF
Henry Stapp

Opinion and Perspectives

Quantum-Everted Meta-Scientific Lensing as an Arbiter of the Hard Problem Full Text PDF
Donald Mender
Schumann Resonance and Brain Waves: A Quantum Description Full Text PDF
Miroslaw Kozlowski, Janina Marciak-Kozlowska
Translating Fifteen Mysteries of the Universe by Applying a Nine Dimensional Spinning Model of Finite Reality: A Perspective, the Standard Model and Triadic Dimensional-Distinction Vortical Paradigm, Part I Full Text PDF
Edward R. Close, Vernon M. Neppe
A Further Review of ‘Orch OR’ Theory: The Universe in Consciousness Full Text PDF
Robert W. Boyer, Park Hensley

Review Article

Cytoskeleton and Consciousness: An Evolutionary Based Review Full Text PDF
Contzen Pereira

Philosophy of Consciousness and Mind

Consciousness: A Non-reductive Study Based on a Non-coding RNA Gene Full Text PDF
Sirajul Husain

Letter to the Editor

A Brief Comment on Some Recent Evaluations by Basieva and Khrennikov, Wang et al., Boyer-Kassem et al., on Order Effects in Quantum Cognition Full Text PDF
Elio Conte


Abstract Book and Proceedings of International Anatolian Twin Congress on Neuroscience & Sexual Health, 1-3 May 2015, İstanbul Full Text PDF

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