Vol 14, No 4 (2016)

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Human Conscious Experience is Four-Dimensional and has a Neural Correlate Modeled by Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity Full Text PDF
Richard Allen Sieb
Advanced Relativity: Unification of Space, Matter and Consciousness Full Text PDF
Amrit Sorli, Davide Fiscaletti, Magi Mageshwaran
The Unified Spacememory Network: from Cosmogenesis to Consciousness Full Text PDF
Nassim Haramein, William David Brown, Amira Val Baker
Algorithmic Self-Instructing Consciousness Full Text PDF
Robert Skopec
Gravicommunication, Subjectivity and Quantum Entanglement Full Text PDF
Evgeny A. Novikov
Telepathy for Interstellar and Intergalaxies Communications Full Text PDF
Alexander Ya. Temkin
Consciousness, Riemann Zeta Function and Pre-Big Bang Scenario Full Text PDF
Miroslaw Kozlowski, Janina Marciak-Kozlowska
Remarks on Nondeterministic Computation, Choices, and Formal Language Full Text PDF
Daegene Song
Directly Facing up to the Hard Problem of Consciousness with a Fundamental Theory of Consciousness Full Text PDF
Jianfeng Li
Phonon Guided Biology. Architecture of Life and Conscious Perception Are Mediated by Toroidal Coupling of Phonon, Photon and Electron Information Fluxes at Discrete Eigenfrequencies. Full Text PDF
Dirk Klaas Fokke Meijer, Johannes Henk Geesink

Opinion and Perspectives

Isoqualitative Gauge Curvature at Multiple Scales: A Response to the Agnosticism of Quantum Cognitivism and Quantum Interaction Full Text PDF
Donald Mender
An Essay on ‘Fracto-Resonant’ Nature of Life Full Text PDF
J. Shashi Kiran Reddy, Contzen Pereira
The Convergence of Computing, Cognitive Neuroscience, Biogenetics and Biology: The Phenomenon of Consciousness Full Text PDF
Charles T. Ross

Altered States of Consciousness

A Quantum Biofeedback and Neurotechnology Cybertherapy System for the Support of Transpersonal Psychotherapy Full Text PDF
Raul Valverde

Philosophy of Consciousness and Mind

Neurophenomenological Theory of Freedom: Sartre’s Existential Philosophy and Hard Problem of Consciousness Full Text PDF
Alexander A. Kiselnikov

Letter to the Editor

On the non Existing Problem of Order-Effect in Quantum Cognitive Studies and Judgment Full Text PDF
Elio Conte
Could ‘Biophoton Emission’ be the Reason for Mechanical Malfunctioning at the Moment of Death? Full Text PDF
J. Shashi Kiran Reddy

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