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Vol 16, No 5 (2018)

Vol 16, No 5 (2018)

Table of Contents


Encryption and Information Network PDF
Daegene Song
Effects of High-quality Nursing Services on the Neurological Functions and Abilities of Daily Living of Stroke Patients PDF
Ying Zhang, Li Qin, Yuanyuan Shi, Chongli Zhong
The Effect of Activities Congruent with Brain Based Learning Model on Students’ Mathematical Achievement PDF
Mustafa Erol, Gülşah Batdal Karaduman
Minkowski Space-time and Einstein’s Now Conundrum PDF
Amrit Sorli, Steve Kaufman, Davide Fiscaletti
The Effect of TCM Nursing on Children with Viral Encephalitis PDF
MingJie Wei, YuanMei Qin, Shu Liu, ShuLi Huang, YinSen Song
Clinical Features, Diagnosis and Treatment of Children's Wernicke’s Encephalopathy PDF
Yinsen Song, Yinghui Zhang, PengBo Guo, Lili Ge, Bo Zhang, Lei Liu, Jingui Kong, Chongfen Chen, Shuying Luo
Nursing Management Method for Thrombolysis Time Window of Cerebral Ischemic Stroke PDF
Yan Sun, Feng Tian
Effects of siRNA Targeting Interference of APE1 Gene on Proliferation and Apoptosis of Glioma Cells PDF
Rui Wang, Bo Wei, Le Wang, Daliang Kong, Guozhang Hu, Chao Du
Emotional Inhibitory Effect of Music Therapy on Anxiety Neurosis Based on Neural Content Analysis in Hippocampus PDF
Rong Chen
Research on Chinese College Teachers' Organization Identity Based on Path Analysis PDF
YU Lei, Xiang Ze Xiong
A Study on Chinese LIFE Metaphors from Corpus-Based Approach PDF
Ruifeng LUO
The Impact of Students' Personal Characteristics on Tibetan Language Attitude and Acquisition: A survey of the Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Sichuan Province, China PDF
Yongtao Gan, Su De, Junjun Xie, Li Cheng, Youran Tan, Fen Zhang
Effects of Tunnel Environment on Speed Cognitive Skills in Drivers PDF
Xingli Jia, Jinliang Xu, Lei XU
Improvement in university students’ critical thinking following a strategic thinking training program PDF
Junwei Lou
Academic stress and evaluation of a mindfulness training intervention program PDF
Chenlin Ying, Chang Jiang Liu, Jingzhou He, Jinfeng Wang
Internalizing behavior disorders symptoms reduction by a social skills training program among Chinese students: A randomized controlled trial PDF
Haiyun Sang, Dingliang Tan

Opinion and Perspectives

Quantum Mechanics Requires an Observer Context Distinguishing Between Reality and its Mental Representation PDF
Franz Klaus Jansen

Basics of Quantum Physics

Remarks on Computability and Stability PDF
Daegene Song

Philosophy of Consciousness and Mind

Ontology and Epistemology of Basic Problems of Philosophy Based on Cognitive Neurology PDF
Weifu Liu


A New Aerobics Training Method Based on Electroencephalogram PDF
Xuehong Sun
Protective Effects of Loofah Leaf-extract on Nerve Cell Injury PDF
Chunjie Liu, Limin Dong
Brain Science and Physical Education-to Promote Harmonious Development of Students with Combination of Left and Right Brain in Physical Education PDF
Wei Guo
Electroencephalogram Analysis of Athletes with Over-training Syndrome PDF
Fang Bian

Behavioural Neuroscience

Motivation of Enterprise Motivation Management Mechanism Based on Neuromanagement PDF
Xiaheng Zhang
Water Disaster Risk Perception and Behavior Strategy Analysis Based on the Neurology of Consciousness PDF
Qi Liu, Dianwu Wang
Tennis Teaching and Variation Pattern of Neurotransmitter Based on Electroencephalographic Testing Technology PDF
Yuanguo Liu, Xin Wang
Investment Behavior of Board Group Decision-making Based on Event-related Potential PDF
Xiquan Wang
The Relationship between Geological Disaster Risk Perception and Behavior Characteristics Based on Electroencephalogram Testing Technology PDF
Mingli Yang, Yihui Chen, Jianxiong Ma, Zeyu Liu
Teaching Strategies of Chinese Language History Class Based on Brain Science PDF
Zhubing Cao, Kangcheng Li
Analysis of Charitable Donation Behavior Based on Neuroscience PDF
Liang Tang, Shanshan Hou
Cooperative Behavior analysis of Owners and Contractors Based on Brain Neurobehavioral Mechanism PDF
Liping Zhao, Yuesen Wang, Dongye Sun, Yang Yang
Evolution Process of Recycling Chain of Takeout Packages Based on Behavioural Science PDF
Huiyan Wang, Jia Li, Yong Li, Guoqing Chen
Brain Mechanism of Decision-making Behavior in Enterprise Employee Innovation Management PDF
Zhaoqing Zhong
Influence of Music Training on the Plasticity of the Brain PDF
Yi Zhu
Experimental Research with Combination of Whole Brain Teaching and Basketball Techniques PDF
Delin Yang
Decision-making Neural Mechanism of Online Purchase Intention through Two Clues—Price and Seller’s Reputation Based on Brain Evoked Potential Analysis PDF
Wei Shang, Wei Deng, Jing Liu
Brain Automatic Process of Auditory Pathway of Students Majored in Basketball PDF
Wei Yao
Group Effect and Its Influence on Economic Decision-making Based on Brain Evoked Potential Analysis PDF
Yuwen Zheng, Weixian Xue
Impact of Online Evaluation and Sales on Consumer Online Shopping Behavior based on Brain evoked potential PDF
Tiantian Tang, Pei Hu

Cognitive Neuroscience

Creative English Classroom Teaching Model Considering Brain Cognition Enhancement PDF
Jingfang Wu, Yajun Xie
The Voluntary Supply of R&D Investment for Generic Technology Based on Managers’ Cognition of Brain PDF
Chengliang Wang, Shouwei Li
Objective Decision-making Brain Mechanism of Public-Private-Partnerships Project Risk Management Based on Decision Neuroscience Theory PDF
Jinglei Meng, Guoyi Xiu
On the Impacts of Loss of Brain-Neural Functions on Creativity in Graphic Design PDF
Man Zhu
Research Method Innovation of College Students' Ideological and Political Education Based on Cognitive Neuroscience PDF
Fanfan Li
Analysis of the Characteristics of Thinking Control during Basketball Free Throw Based on Electroencephalogram PDF
Jiaben Su, Bo Yang
Creative Teaching Model of Civil Engineering Classroom Based on Brain Cognitive Science PDF
Chunquan Dai, Yunlong Lv, Wenzeng Hou
Cognitive Mechanism of Economic Management Risk Based on Correlation Potential Neuroimaging PDF
Lei Zhi
Public Health Expenditure and Labour Productivity: A Tentative Interpretation Based on the Science of Brain Cognition PDF
Feng Wei, Yufeng Xia, Yu Kong
Comparative Study on the Effects of Lighting on Cognitive Ergonomics in Single and Multi-Working Modes PDF
Zhigang Hu, Cui Yi, Jing Hao, Xianling Qiao, Xiya Guo
College Students’ Political Belief and Atheism Cognition Based on Electroencephalogram Testing Technology PDF
Yaodong Zhang, Xiaona Guo, Yawei Li, Zeng Wang, Le Shi
Electroencephalogram Experiment Based Analysis of Aesthetic Fatigue on Chinese Traditional Garden PDF
Zhe Li, YuNing Cheng, Rong Xiao
A Cognitive Study of College Students’ English Vocabulary Based on Electroencephalogram PDF
Zefen Zhang
Cognitive Mechanism of Language Transfer: Brain Potential Data Analysis in English Comprehension PDF
Lei Wang
Application of Brain Science in English Classroom Design PDF
Xuan Wang
Brain-Science-Based Teaching Method for Natural Science Education PDF
Yanping Qiu
Influencing Factors of Students’ Acceptance of Blended Learning Based on Cognitive Neural Network PDF
Yongchang Zhang
ERP Studies on Attention Bias of Optimistic Individuals towards Social Information PDF
Xiaojun Li, Shanping He, Zongkui Zhou, Zhenhong Wang
Brain Mechanism of Economic Management Risk Decision Based on Kahneman’s Prospect Theory PDF
Tao Gan
User Experience Evaluation of Industrial Design Based on Brain Cognitive Behavior PDF
Xiang Wu, Yue Wu
Neural Correlates of Behavioral Preference for Executive and Bank Risk-taking PDF
Nan Xie, Zongrun Wang, Yanju Zhou
Neurohistology-Based Enterprise Organizational Change Model under Empathy Mechanism PDF
Minghua Han, Daliang Zheng
English Teaching Innovation Classroom Based on Whole Brain Theory PDF
Lidan Mao, Yanhong Zhang
Generation Mechanism of Architectural Design Inspiration Based on the Theory of Brain Subconsciousness PDF
Zhuo Bian, Zhiqing Zhao
Cognition, Emotion and Brain Mechanism: Neural Mechanism of Animation Cognition Based on Gender Difference PDF
Qian Jiang, Li Ma, Saiyong Zhang
Analysis and Brain Mechanism of English Learning Characteristics of College Students Considering Self-Efficacy Regulation PDF
Qianjiao Wang
Civil Servants’ Cognitive Evaluation of Performance Appraisal Based on Computational Neuroscience PDF
Qiuhong Sun, Xinhang Xu, Qiong Han
Knowledge Sharing of Online Health Community Based on Cognitive Neuroscience PDF
Jiang Shen, Panpan Zhu, Man Xu
Impact of E-Commerce Evaluation Authenticity on Consumer Purchase Decision Based on Electroencephalogram Test Technology PDF
Yang Qiu
A Dynamic Bounded Rationality Model for Technology Selection in Cognition Process PDF
Li Zhou, Songlin Wang
Application of Cognitive Neuroscience in Color Composition in Graphic Design PDF
Yuanxin Shan
Visualization of Abstract Audio-visual Information: An Analysis of Art Cognitive Activity Based on Electroencephalogram PDF
Wei Shi
Best Teaching Strategies of English Vocabulary Based on Cognitive Neuroscience PDF
Ye Wei
Brain Science and Music-Research on Pitch Perception Based on Brain Evoked Potential PDF
Xiaoling Wu, Guodong Sun
Neurocognitive Science and Design: Influence of Cognitive Theory on the Design Process of Featured Towns' Cultural and Creative Product PDF
Chi Xu, Yang Wu
Educational Equity Based on Brain Cognitive Behavior Science PDF
Huilan Yue
Influence of Technology Innovation on Economic Growth Patterns from a Brain Cognition Based Approach PDF
Hongwei Wu, Yongmei Liu
EEG Experiment Research on the Effects of Neuroscience-Based Managerial Tax Avoidance on the Firm value PDF
Rui Ji, Zhemin Shan
Impact Mechanism of Tourism Risk Perception Based on Psychological Theory and Brain Cognitive Science PDF
Xiu Wen
Cognitive Decision-making and Public Opinions PDF
Wang Mo
Driving Force of Housing Industrialization Based on Brain Cognitive Neuroscience PDF
Chenghua Zhang, Jisheng Qiu, Xiao Guan, Piji Hou, Wei Huang
How Investor Sentiment Impacts Financial Decision-making Behavior: From A Cognitive Neuroscience Perspective PDF
Fengtao Hua, Jinbo Wang
Comprehensive Evaluation of Utilization of Organic Wastes as Resources Based on Cognitive Behavioral Science PDF
Qingsheng Zhou, Yao Wang, Xinzheng Li, Yichuan Zhang
Mechanism of Cooperative Performance Improvement in Agricultural Product Supply Chain Based on Behavioral Cognitive Science PDF
Yongyue Liu, Xiangyu Guo
Correlation between Emotion and Job Burnout Decision-making Quality Based on Cognitive Neuroscience PDF
Weiwei Jiao, Aili Wu, Liang Wang
Risk Decision of Corporate Internet Financial Reporting Based on Brain Evoked Potential Testing Technology PDF
Lingyan Ou
Behavioral Decision in Development of Henan Animation Industry under “Internet+†Environment PDF
Cong Cui
Application of Brain Neuroscience in the Discussion of Multimedia English Teaching Mode PDF
Min Zhang
Coupled and Coordinated Development of Medical and Commercial Insurances Based on Cognitive and Behavioral Science PDF
Xusheng Zhang, Fei Mi, Libin Zeng, Xiaosheng Yang, Hailan Liu, Junhui Xiao
Cognition and Management Methods of Marine Environmental Protection in China Based on Cognitive Neuroscience PDF
Enqian Ouyang, Xiaodong Tou, Xiurong Huang
Small Private Online Course English Teaching Mode Based on Image Schema Theory of Cognitive Linguistics PDF
Ying Qi, Tao Zhang, Jiuru Huang
Influence of Context in Literature on Brain Processing Mechanism of Three-word Verb-object Metaphor PDF
Hua Wang
Cognitive Neural Mechanism of Chinese College Students in English Sentence Processing with Brain evoked potential PDF
Wenlian Zhan, Zhulin Shen
Brain Evoked Potential Analysis of Second Language Acquisition from the Perspective of Neurolinguistics PDF
Yan Liu
Evaluation of Table Tennis Skills Based on Whole Brain Teaching PDF
Yucheng Zhou
Brain evoked potential Analysis of Effects of Popular Music Training on Adolescents' Cognitive Neurobehavioral Plasticity PDF
Liang Yu
Impact of Country of Origin and Brand Logo on the Acceptance of Luxury Price Based on Brain Evoked Potential Analysis PDF
Ying Cheng, Tianhua Wang
Brain Mechanism Contrastive study of Chinese and English Metaphor based on ERP PDF
Weichao Wang, Ming Lu, Huan Peng
Cognitive Fatigue in Memory Task Error of Middle School Students based on Brain Evoked Potential PDF
Haoning Tian

Molecular Neuroscience

Influencing Mechanism of Carbonyl and Thiophene on Cranial Nerve Based on Their Bridging and Steric Hindrance Effects on Titanium Coordination Compound PDF
Zhiping Deng, Yuan Li
Influence of Cadmium on Nerve Cells of the Brain and the Neuroprotective Effect of Ca2+ Chelator and N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine PDF
Zhongming Han, Xu Guo, Yu Si, Yunhe Wang, Xin Tian

Computational Neuroscience

A Web-Based English Teaching Module on the Administration of Electroencephalography-Based Neurofeedback Training for Chinese Students PDF
Liping Zhang
Hyperspectral Image Recognition Based on Artificial Neural Network PDF
Feng Liang, Hanhu Liu, Xiao Wang, Yanyan Liu
Electroencephalographic Characteristic of Automatic Calibration of Finger Movements in Graphic Design PDF
Jian Liu
Coding and Anti-jamming Strategy for Color Recognition in Mind in Graphic Design PDF
Huiling Li
Imaging Experiment of Brain Cognitive Activity Based on EEG and Its Philosophical Influence PDF
Fang Ren
Application of Computer-Aided Diagnosis Technology in Brain Tumour Detection PDF
Fengmei Gao, Tao Lin
Slope Stability Analysis Based on the Radial Basis Function Neural Network of the Cerebral Cortex PDF
Zhe Qin, Xuxin Chen, Houli Fu, Shanchao Hu, Jing Wang
A Discrete Multi-Objective Optimization Method for Hardware/Software Partitioning Problem Based on Cuckoo Search and Elite Strategy PDF
Wei Xiong, Bing Guo, Yan Shen, Wenli Zhang
A Method of Ultrasonic Image Recognition for Thyroid Papillary Carcinoma Based on Deep Convolution Neural Network PDF
Yonghua Wang, Wei Ke, Pin Wan
A Dual Factor Analysis System of Talus Slope Stability Based on Post-Processing of Electroencephalography Data PDF
Huiming Liu, Changming Wang, Nan Jiang, Bing Wang
Oil Well Productivity Computation Based on a Brain-Inspired Cognitive Architecture PDF
Yu Yuan, Suian Zhang, Shuqin Yuan, Yanqiang Wu, Xinjia Liu, Hongli Wang
Control Model of Watershed Water Environment System Simulating Human Neural Network Structure PDF
Wei Zheng
Software Group Rejuvenation Based on Matrix Completion and Cerebellar Model Articulation Controller PDF
Li Su, Yong Qi
Ground Harmonic Current Compensation Based on Cerebellar Model Articulation Controller PDF
Chenxi Jia, Dong Yang, Xinzheng Pu
Sub-health Screening Management of Employees Based on Brain Evoked Potential Analysis PDF
Zhenyao Ma
Constitutive Modelling for Restrained Recovery of Shape Memory Alloys Based on Artificial Neural Network PDF
Shuang Wu, Shougen Zhao, Dafang Wu, Yunfeng Wang
Urban Expansion Pattern Analysis and Planning Implementation Evaluation Based on using Fully Convolution Neural Network to Extract Land Range PDF
Huanan Li, Yuanhua Jia, Yang Zhou
Using a Recurrent Neural Network and Restricted Boltzmann Machines for Malicious Traffic Detection PDF
Chaopeng Li, Jinlin Wang, Xiaozhou Ye
Identification and Classification of Electroencephalogram Signals Based on Independent Component Analysis PDF
Chao Zhang, Jing Xu, Su Pan, Yudan Yang
Evaluation of Scale Effect of Fragmented Agricultural Land Transfer Based on Neural Network PDF
Lingjuan Tai, Linhong Li, Jun Du
Prediction of Concrete Structure Service Life Based on the Principle of Neural Connections in Brain Circuits PDF
Yuan Zhou, Li Gao, Xiaoxuan Fan, Sheliang Wang
Application of Phase Optical Time Domain Reflectometry in Brain Tumor Surgery PDF
Song Wang, Yanzhu Hu
High-performance Concrete Strength Prediction Model Based on the Radial Basis Function Neural Network of Human Cerebral Cortex PDF
Xiuyun Chen, Jiangang Fei, Xiaohui Yuan
Valence of User's Emotion for Product Appearance based on Facial Electromyography PDF
Sha Liu, Baoyue Zhang, Jin Wang, Feng Yang
The Application of Brain Neural Computational Model in English Learning PDF
Yong Liu
Consumer Nostalgia Based on Brain Evoked Potential PDF
Xianghua Xiao
EEG analysis of Attention Resource Allocation of Tennis Players PDF
Yan Liu, Xin Sun
Feature Extraction and Classification Algorithm of Brain-computer Interface Based on Human Brain Central Nervous System PDF
Minjun Zhang, Qingyi Hua, Wei Jia, Rui Chen, Hui Su, Bo Wang

Neuropsychology and Mental Health

Determination and Correlation Analysis of Mental Health Influencing Factors Among Ant Tribe Young Intellectuals Based on Cognitive Neuroscience PDF
Bo Liu, Lichuan Luo, Qianyin Xiao
Determination of Countermeasures for Depression through Interviews on Young Depression Patients in Anthropology PDF
Peien Wang
Psychological Mechanism of Adolescent Internet Addiction and Brain Functional Imaging PDF
Gui Xiao

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