Vol 17, No 5 (2019)

Table of Contents


An Investigation into The Effect of Cognitive- Existential Therapy on The Rumination of Women Affected by Male Infidelity PDF
Mansour Sodani, Morteza Abbasi, Reza Khojasteh Mehr3, Gholam Reza Rajabi4
Inherited Real Risk of Schizophrenia: Pathogenesis, Bedside Diagnosis and Primary Prevention PDF
Marco Marchionni, Simone Caramel, Sergio Stagnaro
Endoscopic Approach Technique for Recurrent Lumbar Prolapsed Disc PDF
Leonello Tacconi, Enrico Giordan, Francesco Signorelli
The Physiology of Incarnation Process; Lessons from Pre-birth Experiences and Reincarnation-type Cases PDF
James Paul Pandarakalam
Ergodic Hypothesis of Consciousness PDF
Vladimir Grushko
Integral Relativity - New Cosmological Paradigm for Science of Consciousness Protocols PDF
Lex Neale

Opinion and Perspectives

Human/Humanity, Consciousness and Universe: Informational Relation PDF
Florin Gaiseanu
Is Consciousness Computable? PDF
Subhash Kak
Differences in Neurobiology of Different Syndrome of Melancholia in the Viewpoint of TCM PDF
Sun Fengli, Liu Jie, Chen Fengpei, Zhu Jianfeng, Gao Zhihan, Ren Zhibin, Shen Ying, Chen Zhenxin, Ma Yongchun, Wang Zhiqiang, Jin Weidong

Altered States of Consciousness

Becoming Animals: Neurobiology of Shamanic Shapeshifting PDF
Arthur Saniotis

Commentaries on Articles

Space-Time Intervals Underlie Human Conscious Experience, Gravity, and Everything PDF
Richard Allen Sieb

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