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Vol 3, No 3 (2005): Open Access Free Issue A Natural Account of Phenomenal Consciousness Abstract   PDF
Max Velmans
Vol 3, No 3 (2005): Open Access Free Issue A Natural Quantum Neural-Like Network Abstract   PDF
Mitja Perus, Horst Bischof, Tarik Hadzibeganovic
Vol 6, No 3 (2008): Open Access Free Issue A Neuroquantologic Approach to How Human Thought Might Affect the Universe Abstract   PDF
Michael A. Persinger, Stanley A. Koren, Ghislaine F. Lafreniere
Vol 1, No 1: Open Access Free Issue: First Issue, January 2003 A New Electronic Journal: NeuroQuantology or Two Sides of the Same Coin Abstract   PDF
Sultan Tarlacı
Vol 3, No 4 (2005): Open Access: Unertan Syndrome A New Theory on the Evolution of Human Mind. Unertan Syndrome: Quadrupedality, Primitive Language, and Severe Mental Retardation Abstract   PDF   Video
Uner Tan
Vol 10, No 1 (2012): Open Access: Unbiased Stereological Techniques A New Three Dimensional Bivalent Hypercube Abstract   PDF   Suppl PDF
Jeremy Horne
Vol 15, No 3 (2017) A Note on Possible Healing Effects of Conch Shell Frequencies Abstract   PDF
Y. V. Suseela, J. Shashi Kiran Reddy
Vol 12, No 1 (2014) A Note on The Origin of Time in Archaic Universe Abstract   Full Text PDF
Ignazio Licata
Vol 12, No 2 (2014) A Novel Nature Inspired Fuzzy Tsallis Entropy Segmentation of Magnetic Resonance Images Abstract   Full Text PDF
Anusuya S. Venkatesan, Latha Parthiban
Vol 15, No 1 (2017) A Novel Subject-Object Model of Consciousness Abstract   Full Text PDF
J. Shashi Kiran Reddy
Vol 16, No 1 (2018) A Paternal-fetal Attachment Pilot Intervention on Mental Health for Pregnant Mothers Abstract   PDF
Limei Yuan, Zhenrong Gu, Hui Peng, Lijun Zhao
Vol 14, No 2 (2016): Special Issue: Health, Healing & Consciousness A Phenomenological Examination of Psilocybin and its Positive and Persisting Aftereffects Abstract   Full Text PDF
Joseph A. Zamaria
Vol 7, No 1 (2009): Open Access: Time, Timing, and the Brain A Philosophical Introduction to the Experience of Time Abstract   PDF
Sean Enda Power
Vol 16, No 1 (2018) A Pilot Study of F-18 FP-CIT PET Imaging in Early-onset Patients with Parkinson’s Disease: Parkin versus Non-parkin Mutation Abstract   PDF
Kyum-Yil Kwon, Seong-Beom Koh
Vol 1, No 1: Open Access Free Issue: First Issue, January 2003 A Possible Quantum Basis of Panpsychism Abstract   PDF
Gao Shan
Vol 6, No 3 (2008): Open Access Free Issue A Preliminary Experimental Verification On the Possibility of Bell Inequality Violation in Mental States Abstract   PDF
Elio Conte, Andrei Khrennikov, Orlando Todarello, Antonio Federici, Joseph P. Zbilut
Vol 12, No 2 (2014) A Proposal to Extend Brodmann’s Areas Concept to a New Model Abstract   Full Text PDF
Erol Başar, Aysel Düzgün, Bahar Güntekin
Vol 9, No 4 (2011): Open Access: Classical and "Quantum-like" Views of the Genetic Code A Proposed Mathematical Model of Tumor Growth and Host Consciousness Abstract   PDF
Miroslaw Kozlowski, Janina Marciak-Kozlowska
Vol 2, No 4 (2004): Open Access: Time Perception and Brain A Quantitative Model for Retrospective Subjective Duration Abstract   PDF
Anna D. Eisler, Hannes Eisler, Henry Montgomery
Vol 14, No 4 (2016) A Quantum Biofeedback and Neurotechnology Cybertherapy System for the Support of Transpersonal Psychotherapy Abstract   Full Text PDF
Raul Valverde
Vol 15, No 1 (2017) A Quantum Brain Version of the Quantum Bayesian Solution to the Measurement Problem Abstract   Full Text PDF
Gordon Globus
Vol 12, No 2 (2014) A Quantum Monadological Solution to the Measurement, Consciousness and Qualia Problems Abstract   Full Text PDF
Gordon Globus
Vol 11, No 1 (2013) A Quantum Psychopathological Account of Anorexia Nervosa Abstract   PDF
Andy Marlow
Vol 15, No 4 (2017) A Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial of a Core Stability Exercise Program for the Intrinsic Motivation of Parkinson's Patients Abstract   PDF
Yanqiu Sun, Xingquan Chen
Vol 15, No 4 (2017) A Randomized Controlled Trial of a Neurofeedback-based Training for Improvement in Social Phobia Disorder Abstract   PDF
Peihua Zhang, Lin Cheng
Vol 12, No 4 (2014) A REM Intrusion Model for Death Bed Visions: A Palliative Nursing Perspective Abstract   Full Text PDF
Hemei Zhang, Jiannong Zhao, Chenyu Xu, Pengcheng Wang, Zengna Xing, Cuilian Wang
Vol 11, No 4 (2013) A Replication of the Slight Effect of Human Thought on a Pseudorandom Number Generator Abstract   Full Text PDF
Azlan Iqbal
Vol 1, No 3 (2003): Open Access Free Issue A Reply to Mashour: From TOP (theory of psychiagenia) to TOE (theory of everything) Abstract   PDF
Ivan O Godfroid
Vol 4, No 4 (2006): Open Access: Adaptation, Brain and Consciousness A Robotic Program that Acquires Concepts and Begins Introspection Abstract   PDF
Kenzo Iwama
Vol 14, No 1 (2016) A Short Introduction To System Theory: Indispensible Postulate Systems and Basic Structures of the Systems in Quantum Physics, Biology And Neuroscience Abstract   Full Text PDF
Umit Sayin
Vol 10, No 3 (2012): Open Access: Parapsychology and Paranormal Brain A Sideways Look at the Neurobiology of Psi: Precognition and Circadian Rhythms Abstract   PDF
David Luke, Karolina Zychowicz, Olga Richterova, Inna Tjurina, Jelena Polonnikova
Vol 2, No 3 (2004): Open Access: Fractality and Biogenesis A Suggested Interpretation of the Quantum Theory in Terms of Discontinuous Motion of Particles Abstract   PDF
Gao Shan
Vol 11, No 3 (2013) A Testable Application of Nonlinear Whole Neurobiology: Possible Transformation among Vision and Other Sensations Abstract   Full Text PDF
Yi-Fang Chang
Vol 5, No 4 (2007): Open Access Free Issue A Thought Experiment On Consciousness Abstract   PDF
Germano D’Abramo
Vol 14, No 2 (2016): Special Issue: Health, Healing & Consciousness A Three-Layered Model for Consciousness States Abstract   Full Text PDF
Arushi Kak, Abhinav Gautam, Subhash Kak
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