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Volume 14, No 3 (2016)

Table of Contents

Can Our Minds Emit Light at 7300 km Distance? A Pre-Registered Confirmatory Experiment of Mental Entanglement with a Photomultiplier

Patrizio Tressoldi, Luciano Pederzoli, Marzio Matteoli, Elena Prati, John G. Kruth


Experimental Approach Towards Long-Range Interactions from 1.6 to 13798 km Distances in Bio-Hybrid Systems

Serge Kernbach, Vitaliy Zamsha, Yuri Kravchenko


Nonlocal Influences of Natural Dissipative Processes on the Kullback Measure of Voltage Fluctuations on an Electrolytic Cell

Morozov Andrey


Self, Time, and Reality in Quantum Stream of Consciousness

Sergey Yurchenko


A Comparison of the Evolution and Entropy of Responses to Picture Choices on an “Absurdum Questionnaire” between Members of Two Different Training Groups

Begoña Trojaola Zapirain, Federico Carminati, Miguel Angel Gonzalez Torres, Ernesto Gonzalez de Mendivil, Claire Fouassier, François Martin, José Labarere, Jacques Demongeot, Erika Nora Lorincz, Giuliana Galli Carminati


Some Brief Comments on Recent Studies on Quantum Cognition

Elio Conte, Rich Norman


A Multidimensional Quantum Model of Brain Activity: the Exploration of Increased Neural Energy States in Daoist Meditation

Chien-Hui Liou, Chao-Hsien Hsieh, Chang-Wei Hsieh, Chi-Hong Wang, Jyh-Horng Chen, Si-Chen Lee


Meditation as Transcending All Thought

Robert W. Boyer, Park Hensley


The Wolves of War: Evidence of an Ancient Cult of Warrior Lycanthropy

Carl Anton Paul Ruck


Soul, Freedom and Truth: Their Relationships with Noetical Algorithmic Incompleteness

Mario Antonio Zatti