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Volume 16, No 6 (2018)

Table of Contents

Does Auditory Distraction Differently Influence the Brainwaves of Novice and Professional Golfers?

Eunji Kim, Jingu Kim, Yujin Kim


Correlation between Risk Perception and Decision Making in Coal Mine Based on ERP Testing Technology

Xiaodong Pei


Decisions on Investing Social Funds in Technology Research and Development Based on Cognitive Psychology

Zhiqin Xie, Xiaoyan Cao, Yan Liu, Xia Wu


Recognition and Feature Extraction of Motor Imagery EEG Signals Based on Complementary Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition

Qidong Huang, Min Tang


Decoherence in a Quantum Neural Network

Deniz Türkpençe, Tahir Çetin Akıncı, Serhat Şeker


Does Sport Addiction Enhance Frontal Executive Function? The Case of Badminton

Minji Kwon, Yujin Kim, Hyunji Kim, Jingu Kim


Quantum Information Theory Applied to Unconscious and Consciousness

François Martin, Federico Carminati, Giuliana Galli Carminati


Mediating Effect of Self-worth and Depression on the Relationship between Subjective Age and Subjective Well-being of the Elderly

Hongyan Chen


A New BP Neural Network Model for the Prediction Problem of Equally Spaced Time Sequences and Its Application

Mengxia Li, Ruiquan Liao, Yong Dong


Self-confidence Group Psychological Intervention of College Students Based on EEG Test Technology - Take Patients with Social Anxiety Disorder as an Example

Xia Hong