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Volume 16, No 6 (2018)

Table of Contents

Neuroglobin Expression on Rat Brain Tissue with Subarachnoid Hemorrhage

Gang Xiao, Guangyuan Jiang, Chao Luo, Xing Peng, Zhipeng Teng


Effect of Dehydration in Late Pregnancy on Fetal Rat Growth and Fetal Brain RAS Receptor Expression

Wenxia Chen, Longying Tang


Glioma Screening and Classification Based on Magnetic Resonance

Rui Wang, Bo Wei, Le Wang, Daliang Kong, Guozhang Hu, Chao Du


The Efficacy of a Transactional Analysis Training Program for Married University Students' Spiritual Intelligence: A Randomized Controlled Study

Kuo Zhang, Dengfeng Wang


The Effects of a 10-Week Interpersonal Relationships Intervention on Self-Esteem in College Students

Yan Chen


Evaluating the Effectiveness of Snyder's Theory-Based Group Hope Therapy to Improve Self-Efficacy of University Students in Finance

Manwen Tian, Shurong Yan, Ning Wang


Discussion and Analysis on the Postgraduate Classroom Teaching Method Based on Brain Science

Li Wang


Enlightenment on Vocal Music Classroom Teaching from the Perspective of Neuroscience

Yongfang Zhang


Influence of Investor Sentiment on Stock Returns- Analysis of A- shares in China

Ling Wang, Dalai Ma, Ling Tang, Ji Ma


Effect of Risk Preference on Entrepreneurial Cooperative Behavior in Industrial Clusters: Based on Neuromanagement and Event-Related Potentials Experiment

Hao Liu, Dongmei Xu