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Volume 16, No 6 (2018)

Table of Contents

Relationship between Negative Emotion and Investment Behavior of Enterprises

Jiankun Chu, Xing Liu, Runren Wu, Ling Zhang, Yingji Li, Hyunrae Cho


Trust Game and Behaviour Pattern of Public-Private Partnership Project Management Team Based on EEG

Jinglei Meng, Guoyi Xiu


Behavioral Experiment and Event-related Potentials Experimental Study of the Psychological Mechanism of Art Aesthetic Processing

Feng Xue


Status Identification and Identity Construction of Ethnic Minorities in the United States Based on Brain Cognitive Science

Hui Wang, Yiwei Zhao


Training of Measurement & Control Technology Talents Based on the Concept of Whole Brain Education

Juan Tang, Lihua Li, Wendi Wang


Influence Mechanism on Health Disparities Based on Brain Cognition, Mass Media and Life Style

Yaqing Chang


On the Characteristics of On-the-Spot Tactical Decision Making and Cognitive Mechanism in Tennis Teaching

Xin Wang, Yuanguo Liu


Catch-up of Chinese Engineering Technical Standards from the Perspective of Cognitive Legitimacy

Songlin Wang, Zhen Tang, Hongwei Sun, Ruzhao Wang


Effect and Mechanism of Total Quality Management on Enterprise Innovation Performance Based on Cognitive Behavior Science

Feng Zhou, Xiaomin Gu, Yuanjun Zhao


Brain’s Distributed Cognitive System - with Sports Culture Cognition as an Example

Yi Liu