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Volume 19, No 4 (2021)

Table of Contents

Psychological Space-time Reinforcement Sensitivity Hypothesis & Mental Disorders: From Special to General Relativity Interpretation

Meriama Hansali Mebarki


Finding Most Stable Isobar for Nuclides with Mass Number (165- 175) against Beta Decay

Sameera Ahmed Ebrahiem and Taghreed A. Younis


Thermodynamic Micellization of Cationic-Nonionic Surfactants in Aqueous Solution Using Conductivity and Surface Tension Measurements

Inaam H. Ali, Sameer H. Kareem and Fouad A.A. AL-Saady


Structural and Optical Properties of (PVA/PVP:Sr2NO3) Nanocomposites

Doaa E. Al-Kateb and Ali R. Abdulridha


New Fabrication (PVA-CMC -PbO) Nanocomposites Structural and Electrical Properties

Manar S. Toman and Sameer Hassan Al-nesrawy


Synthesis of (PVA/PEG: ZnO and Co3O4) Nanocomposites: Characterization and Gamma Ray Studies

Hanan H. Jassim and Fouad Sh. Hashim


Fabrication NiO: Cu / Si Heterojunction by the Aerosol-Assisted Chemical Vapor Deposition (AACVD)

Zaid Mohammed Jassim and Saba Abdulzahra Obaid AL Shiaa


Diagnosis of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: The Role of RANTES

Ihsan M. Ajeena, Rihab H. Al-Mudhafar, Iman J. Al-Awadi, Hasanain A. Al-Khalidi and Nawrass J. Alsalihi


Attenuation and Absorption of Electromagnetic Waves of Nanocomposites (ZnFe2O3 / Graphene: UPE) by Wave Guide Technical

M.A. Mohammed, Fadhil K. Farhan, I.K. Jassim and A. Sh. Mahmoud


Structure Characteristics of TiO2 Thin Films Prepared by DC Reactive Magnetron Sputtering at Low Pressure

A.S. Ahmed, I.H. Kadhim and A.A. Ramadhan