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Volume 19, No 7 (2021)

Table of Contents

Hybrid Inception Recurrent Residual Convolutional Neural Network (HIRResCNN) with Harmony Search Optimization (HSO) for Early Breast Cancer Detection System

K. Sangeetha and S. Prakash


Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering of Defective TiO2 with Gold Au NPs by Green Method

Alaa A. Shanef, Waleed Hameed Abed and Ahmed R. Mathloom


Tuning Hybrid Nano-semiconductor-glass Via High Intensity Laser

Suzan B. Mohammed, Hayder J. Abdulrahman and Ayoub A. Bazzaz


Magnetic Resonance Imaging Breast Scan Classification based on Texture Features and Long Short-Term Memory Model

Suha Raheem Hilal, Hussain S. Hasan and Ali M. Hasan


Measurements of Alterations in Bone Mineral Density, and Body Composition in a Group of Type-2 Diabetic Women

Khalid Ghanim Majeed, Muthanna Hashim Dawood and Ali Khairaldeen Mohialdeen


Features of Physical and Generative Development of Modern Teenagers Living in Uzbekistan

Shadie Kurtieva, Janna Nazarova and Hasanboy Mullajonov


Polymer Sorbents from “Nitron Fiber Waste”

M.S. Bobomurodova, M.A. Ashirov, D.A. Gafurova, D.N. Shakhidova, L.M. Khalilova and E.Sh. Zhumaeva


Measuring the Pollution Level with Uranium and Radon in the Soil of Some Areas Inside Baghdad University Campus-AL-Jadiriyah

Farah Faris Kaddoori, Basim Khalaf Rejah and Wijdan Thamer Fzaa


Heavy Metal Detection based on Coreless Fibers Using the LSPR Technique

Mohammed S. Sada, Bushra R. Mahdi, Hashim Ali, Nahla A. Aljbar and Mahdi A. Mohammed


Diagnostic Framework for Automatic Classification and Visualization of Alzheimer’s Disease with Feature Extraction Using Wavelet Transform

M. Anitha, V. Karpagam and P. Tamije Selvy