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Volume 19, No 8 (2021)

Table of Contents

The Effect of Lateral Internal Sphinctorotomy on Post-operative Pain Following Open Hemorrhoidectomy

Haitham Abdulkareem Yaqoup, Salah Kadhim Muslim and Hashim Sadik Al-Kayat


Association of Periodontal Disease with Serum Uric Acid and CRP in Patients Treated for Acute Coronary Syndrome: A Comparative Study

Mohammed Ihsan Chabuk, Ahmed Mahdi Sharba and Ali Razzaq Alisalih Alsafar


The Role of Serum IL-1β in Combination with Fractional Exhaled Nitric Oxide in the Diagnosis of Adult Bronchial Asthma

Amjed H. Abbas, Muna Abdulridha Rasheed, Hayder Abdul-Amir Al-Hindy, Mazin J. Mousa and Hadeel Abd Ameir Al-Shalah


Immunohistochemical Expression of EGFR and ErbB2/ HER2 in Human Meningioma. A Clinicopathological Study

Zeena Ayad Khalid, Sazan Abdulwahab Mirza and Azza Nazar Dhannoon


Effects of Coenzyme Q10 Administration on Systolic and Diastolic Blood Pressure in Pre-Hypertensive Patients

Muntadher H. Dawood and Mustafa M. Al-Yassiry


Synthesis of Cobalt Iron Oxide Doped by Chromium Using Sol-Gel Method and Application to Remove Malachite Green Dye

Ebtisam K. Alwan, Aqeel Mohhamed Hammoudi, Intessar K. Abd, Maryam O. Abd Alaa and Mohammed Nsaif Abbas


Nanotechnology and the Most Important Characterization Techniques for Nanomaterial's: A Review

Ruqayah A. Ulwali, Heba Kh. Abbas, Noor Yasoob and Hanan Abed Alwally


Photocatalytic Degradation of Methylene Blue Dye from Aqueous Solutions in the Presence of Synthesized ZnO Nanoparticles

Noor Al-Huda Baiee and Ayad F. Alkaim


Studying the Effect of Different Parameters on Photocatalytic Degradation of Commercial Safranin-T Dye by Using ZnO/V2O5 Nanocomposite

Ameerah S. Jawad and Hazim Y. Al-gubury


Manufacture of Shielding for Attenuation Ionization Ray by the Preparation of Nano Gadolinium Oxide with PMMA

Amjed Mohammed Shreef and Nura Anwer Abdulzahara