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Volume 20, No 1 (2022)

Table of Contents

Breakdown Spectroscopy Stimulate by Laser for Silver Plasma

Amer Hasan Alshathr, T. Hatem, Maryam Abd Al-Majeed, Noor Malik Saadoon and Muntadher I. Rahmah


Electrical and Structural Properties of CuBa2LaCa2Cu4O11+δ Superconducting System

Mohammed Abdul-nebi Thejeel, Maher A. Hasan, Haider MJ. Haider and Kareem Ali Jasim


Studying Optical Properties of Quantum Dot Cylindrical Fresnel Lens

Alaa B. Hasan


Detecting Damaged Buildings on Post-Hurricane Satellite Imagery based on Transfer Learning

Rawaa Al-Saffar, Raghad K. Mohammed, Woud M. Abed and Omar F Hussain


Numerical Simulation of the Optical Coatings based on Ag Infrared Reflector

Harakat Mohsin Roomy, Ban M.A Alani and Sarah K. Taha


Validation Efficiency of Radiation on Serratia Marcescens

Hanaa Salih Sabaa


Improved Priority-based Congestion Control Protocol for Multi-Access Edge Computing (MAEC) Using IoT-based Wearable Devices for Neurological Diseases Diagnosis

P.T. Kalaivaani, Raja Krishnamoorthy, Apparao Naidu and Ponnam Harikrishna


Influence the Addition (SiO2) Nanoparticles on Optical Properties for Methylene Blue Dye

Maha Hassan Noory and Zaid A.Hasan


Adsorption of Gas Molecules on HfSSe Janus Monolayer

Ghufran Falah Ibrahim Witwit and Dr. Shurooq Sabah Abed Al-Abbas


Studying some properties of 194Po and 190Hg isotones using approximation model

Zahraa Abdul Amier Khadum Kshash, Mohammed A. Al-Shareefi and Ghaidaa A. Hafedh Jaber