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Volume 20, No 1 (2022)

Table of Contents

Management of CEFE (Competency Based Economies through Formation of Enterprises) training for UMKM actors in Cimahi City, West Java Province

Cucu Sukmana, Ihat Hatimah, Uyu Wahyudin, Ade Sadikin Akhyadi and Dadang Yunus Lutfiansyah


Implementation of Instructional Scaffolding through Online to Support Problem-based Learning in Education - A Scoping Review

Zaleha Abdullah and Mohammed Musa Girei


Third Gender from Islamic Law and its Impacts towards Muslim Culture in Malaysia

Nur Zainatul Nadra Zainol, Siti Sarawati Johar, Arieff Salleh Rosman, Aqeel Khan and Maisarah Mahmud


Application the Halder – Wagner to Calculation Crystal Size and Micro Strain by X-ray Diffraction Peaks Analysis

Sarab S. Jahil, Intehaa A. Mohammed, Ahlam R. Khazaal, Kareem A. Jasim and Khalid H. Harbbi


A Comparative Study of Cardio-vascular Endurance among Adolescent Girls of Plain & Hilly Region of Uttarakhand

Dr. Manju Adhikari and Dr. Santosh Kumar


Asprosin Levels as New Metabolic Marker for the Early Detection and Diagnosis of Hypothyroidism Complications

Noor Ali Gebur and Dr. Hanaa Addai Ali


Study Physiological Response to Adding different Levels of Maca Root Lepidium Meyenii to the Diet of Broiler Chickens exposed to Oxidative Stress

Layth Hamzah Merzah, Nihad Abdul-Lateef Ali


Evaluation of Serological and Molecular Method for Detection of Xylella Fastidiosa Associated with Olive Quick Decline

Ghazwan Jalil Alasadi


Effect of Replacing Black Soldier Fly Larvae Powder with Soybean Meal in the Ration on the Productive Traits of Laying Hens

Ali N. Zaki, Dr. Saad A. Naji


Effect of Ionized Water (Acidic and Alkaline) on Productive Performance of Laying Hens

A.H. Mohammed, M.I. Basil