Volume 20 No 22 (2022)
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‘’To compare the induction to abortion interval time by medical and surgical method in second trimester abortion’’
Introduction- Induction of abortion is one of the most commonly practiced interventions in modern obstetrics; Options for cervical preparation/ ripening include; Prostaglandins, Mechanical dilators, Hygroscopic dilators, Low dose oxytocin infusion, Nitric oxide donors Aims and objective- To compare the induction abortion interval and complication withmedical management and surgical management mifepristone, Misoprostol and foley catheter.To compare the successful abortion within 24 and 48 hr. Material and methods- The present study entitled “To compare the induction abortion interval with medical mifepristone, Misoprostol and surgical foleyscatheter” was conducted in the Department of Obstetrics and gynaecology,gmc Medical College and Shahdol, (M.P.) during the period of September 2021 to September 2022 in 150 patients. Intrauterine pregnancy of second trimester, Patients giving the consent, Abortion being made in compliance with the abortion act 1971 are included. Severe anaemia, alcohol abuse, Allergy from drugs, Previous uterine scaris excluded. After counselling and consent, patients were divided in the three groups. The respective drugs given, General examination was done, maternal vitals assessed every 30 minutes, Complete obstetric examination and Primary laboratory investigations done. Also monitor the progression to cervical ripening and abortion. Result and conclusion- Based on present study following conclusion can be drawn;in second trimester. mifepristone plus misoprostol is good combination for 2ndtrimester abortion with minimal maternal side effects, when compared with Misoprostol alone and foleys catheter plus oxytocin. The only major side effect was headache, which was of mild intensity and well tolerable, hypotension was insignificant side effect. mifepristone can be given on outpatient basis and is safe with minimal complications. Induction-abortion interval was least for mifepristone followed by Misoprostol, and maximum for foleys. So mifepristone plus misoprostol seems to be an effective and safe drug in second trimester abortion.
Induction of abortion is one of the most commonly practiced interventions in modern obstetrics;
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