Volume 20 No 22 (2022)
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“Synthesis and Characterization of SnO2/ZnO nano composites doped Some Selected Conducting Polymers for Sensing Application”
Ms. Ebhad Swagat Sadashiv, Dr. Mohan N Giriya
the ratio of SnO2 decreased light transmission and increased energy loss. Synthesis, self-assembly, and characteristics of ZnO nanostructures and nanocomposites were studied. Chapters explain the creation, characterization, and usage of zinc oxide nanoparticles. This chapter's order is: This article's first half investigates asymmetric ZnO nanostructures with an inner cavity. The newly generated inner space is in the nanostructures' upper area, demonstrating structural anisotropy. This differs from nanostructures' hollow interiors. Surfactants may regulate the self-assembly of fundamental nano-crystallites and the growth of two or more crystal planes during the production of ZnO asymmetric nanostructures. As suggested. 4852 Hydrothermal processing was used to create hourglass-shaped ZnO nanostructures. Using Tween-85, scientists were able to determine ZnO subunits' unique structure and self-assembly mechanism. The linear assembly of hour-glass structures is caused by van der Waals interactions between subunits' surface-anchored alkylated oleate groups. Surface-anchored van der Waals interaction enabled this discovery. This was found when the hourglass structures were disassembled.
Synthesis, Zinc Oxide, Nanostructure, Nanocomposites, Material Properties
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