Volume 20 No 22 (2022)
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The passenger vehicle operators are employers in their own informal enterprises, contributing family members, members of informal producers. Most of the passenger vehicle operators face police harassment, criminal extortion, job insecurity, low incomes, discrimination and no access to social security. Trade Union shall be sanctioned a lot of advantages to the transport labours. They declared the laws and order to the upliftment of the labours. It helps the labours life as work safety as peace. To trace the organizational growth of trade union movement among three wheelers passenger vehicle operators. The objectives are to find out the involvement of passenger vehicle operators in trade union movement; to study the relationship between the socio-economic variables related to passenger vehicle operators and their involvement in trade union movement; and to find out the factors influencing the passenger vehicle operators for involvement in trade union movement. The researcher adopted survey method in view of realizing the objectives of the study. This method gathers data from a large number of cases at particular time. The value of a survey depends greatly on the extent to which the data regarding current conditions. The data required for the study was collected through questionnaire designed after consulting the passenger vehicle operators, trade union leaders and travelers. Based on the pilot study, the structure of the questionnaire was redesigned. Questions relating to the socio- economic profile of the members, extent of member participation, details regarding occupation, union, leadership, psychological, perceptual, and grievances management were included in the questionnaire. The researcher used the simple random sampling method for selection of the respondents for the study. The sample consists of 153 passenger vehicle operators. This technique is a common method, when using this method, the researcher has chosen sample is truly representative of the entire population. The findings are indicated that there was a significant relationship between male and female passenger vehicle operators in their involvement; there was no significant relationship between nuclear family and joint family passenger vehicle operators in their involvement; there was a significant relationship between own house passenger vehicle operators and rental and leased house passenger vehicle operators in their involvement; and there was a significant relationship between urban passenger vehicle operators and rural and semi-urban passenger vehicle operators in their involvement. A healthy trade union helps the workers in increasing their collective bargaining power and in achieving the various objectives of unions. They have to provide educational, social, cultural and welfare facilities to their members. It is mainly needed for a developing country like ours, to maintain good relations between the employer and the employee.
The passenger vehicle operators are employers in their own informal enterprises, contributing family members
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