Volume 20 No 22 (2022)
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Assessing Crisis Management Strategies in the Energy Sector: Perspectives from Project Managers in Renewable Energy Projects
Dr. Vijayakumar umasekar, D. Litt
The research paper, titled "Assessing Crisis Management Strategies in the Energy Sector: Perspectives from Project Managers in Renewable Energy Projects," delves into the critical domain of crisis management within the renewable energy sector. The study seeks to understand the experiences and perspectives of project managers and to assess the current state of crisis management strategies in this rapidly evolving industry.The research objectives encompassed the examination of crisis management practices, the identification of challenges faced by project managers, and the evaluation of organizational preparedness. To achieve these objectives, an extensive survey was conducted, targeting project managers in various roles within the renewable energy sector. Methodologically, the study employed a structured questionnaire, pilot testing, and data analysis tools, including frequency counts, percentages, and Cronbach's alpha values. This rigorous approach ensured the reliability and validity of the collected data.Key findings from the study include positive perceptions among project managers regarding crisis management procedures, but also the identification of challenges such as communication breakdowns and the need for more comprehensive training. These insights offer practical guidance to improve crisis preparedness in the renewable energy sector. The implications of this research extend to project managers, organizations, policymakers, and researchers. The study highlights the importance of crisis management in ensuring the resilience and sustainability of renewable energy projects. Policymakers can use the findings to inform regulations, and researchers can build upon this empirical foundation to further explore crisis management in renewable energy.In a rapidly changing energy landscape, this research contributes to a deeper understanding of crisis management within the renewable energy sector, ultimately supporting the sector's growth and its pivotal role in addressing global energy challenges.
Crisis Management, Renewable Energy, Project Managers, Preparedness, Challenges, Sustainability.
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