Volume 20 No 12 (2022)
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Bra Cup Size and Breast Anthropometry for Assessing Breast Volume in Autoaugmentation Mastopexy by Inferior Dermo-Glanduar Flap for Moderate Size Ptotic Breast
Gamalat Azmy Abdel-Salam Mohamed, Dina Mostafa Badaw
Introduction: Aesthetic breast surgery became mandatory procedure almost all-over the world. Of these procedures augmentation mastopexy. The aesthetic goals are to reduce ptosis, improve volume and projection. Different techniques for combining mastopexy with augmentation in the same procedure became achievable using own breast tissue that acts as a natural implant. measuring breast volume is a tool for assessing the effectiveness of autoaugmentation and for choosing the best procedure for each patient. Objectives: the aim of the study is to evaluate the effectiveness of inferiorly-based dermoglandular flap in autoaugmentation mastopexy for patients with moderate size ptotic breasts through measuring the change in breast volume using both bra cup size and breast anthropometry. Patient and Methods: the study was carried out on 23 healthy women with moderate size ptotic breasts age ranged from 25 to 55 years Between January 2016 and December 2018 in plastic surgery unit, kasr Al Aini hospital. Bra cup size as well as breast anthropometric measures (N-IMF, N-SN, IMD) were taken for all patients pre-operatively as well as 3,6,12 months post operatively. Results: the study shows that bra size changed from 38.35 ± 2.81SD preoperatively to 39.61± 2.82 SD 1-year post-operative with a significant p value 0.0001 with a mean increase in cup size 1.64 ± 1.76 SD post-operatives with significant p value of 0.001. as well as change in the mean N-IMF distance from 13.44± 1.21SD, 12.28 ± 1.43SD to 11.83± 0.96 SD, 10.97± 0.96SD after 1 year for right and left sides respectively with significant p value. And the IMD changed from 20.78 ± 1.40 SD preoperatively to 20.32± 1.52 SD at 1 year with significant p value. Also, significant decrease in (N-SN) distance with mean preoperative of 32.21± 2.99 SD, 32.68 ± 3.33SD to 23.87± 2.21 SD, 23.26 ± 3.16SD 1year post-operative for right and left breast respectively with significant p value. Conclusion: using breast volume as assessment tool after inferior dermoglandular flap autoaugmentation mastopexy through measuring the bra cup size and breast anthropometry is a simple and easy non costing tool for judging the effectiveness of the procedure
Bra Cup Size, Breast Anthropometry, Autoaugmentation Mastopexy, Inferior Dermo-Glanduar Flap, Ptotic Breast
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