Volume 20 No 12 (2022)
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Information on the fission yield from the 14 MeV energy neutron-induced fission of 238U is crucial for generation-IV reactor designs and decay heat estimates. Using an off-line γ-ray spectrometric approach, the cumulative yields of fission products ranging from 92Sr to 147Nd in the 238U(n, f) reaction with a 14.7 MeV neutron were measured in order to reliably assess fission product yields (FPYs) of 238U induced by 14 MeV neutrons. The China Academy of Engineering Physics' (CAEP) K-400 D-T neutron generator produced a 14.7 MeV quasi-monoenergetic neutron beam. A low background high purity germanium gamma spectrometer was used to measure fission products. The 93Nb (n, 2n)92mNb reaction yielded the neutron flux, and the cross-section ratios for the 90Zr(n, 2n)89Zr and 93Nb (n, 2n)92mNb reactions were used to compute the mean neutron energy. High precision cumulative yields of 20 fission products were achieved after a series of adjustments. We compared our FPYs for the 238U(n, f) reaction at 14.7 MeV to evaluated nuclear data and the available experimental nuclear reaction data, respectively. The findings will be useful for building evaluated fission yield databases and designing a generation-IV reactor.
activation process, DT neutron source, fission yields, 238U
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