Volume 20 No 22 (2022)
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Clinical study to compare the effects of natrum mur, ignatia, sepia graphites in mental symptoms of cases of acute dermatitis.
Swati Singh & Sheetal A. Patil
According to the previous research, homoeopathic formulations produce extremely minute particles which are also known as nano particles. When compared in bulk form, they also have co adjustor reactivity, electromagnetic characteristics, and quantum features and these medicines are used as homoeopathic individualised medicine. In various researches these medicines has shown good result when it comes to skin and mental health. Dermatitis refers to a wide range of skin irritations and rashes produced by a variety of causes such as heredity, an overactive immune system, infections, allergies, irritating substances, and more. The symptoms of dry skin, redness, and itching are all frequent.1,3 Homoeopathy can be used in dermatitis, both acute and chronic. This study was primarily aimed to compare the effects of Nat Mur, Sepia, Ignatia and Graphites in mental symptoms of cases of acute dermatitis. For this study, 36 patients were enrolled belonging to the age group of 18-60 years, of both sexes. Out of which 6 patients dropped out, so total 30 patients 11 male 19 female were taken for study. Prescription was done on the basis of constitutional totality respectively. Out of 30 patients 8 were prescribed Graphites, 8 were prescribed Ignatia, 9 were prescribed Nat Mur and rest 5 were prescribed Sepia. The patients showed positive results; statistical analysis was done by students paired ‘t’ test and one sample ‘t' test due to small sample size. There was overall improvement in the patients be it Dermatitis or betterment in mental symptoms. Graphites worked most efficiently then rest of the medicine for both dermatitis and mental symptoms. Measurement of dermatitis and mental symptoms were done before and after treatment using SCORAD scale and BPRS Scale which showed great reduction in symptoms during the study period, no adverse effects were noted
Dermatitis, Homoeopathy, Nano medicine, Individualisation, mental symptoms
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