Volume 20 No 12 (2022)
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Comparative Analysis of Rebamipide and Betamethasone in managing stomatopyrosis in Oral Submucous Fibrosis Patients
Jay Doshi , Dharti N Gajjar , Foram Patel , Bhoosha Ambani , Piyush Pujara , Shrikant Patel
Background and Aim: Oral submucous fibrosis (OSMF) is an irreversible condition and the management strategies are aimed at alleviating the symptoms. Present study was done with an aim to evaluate the efficacy of rebamipide to reduce the oral burning sensation associated with OSMF as compared to coventional Betamethasone intralesional injection.Material and Methods: This prospective clinical study was undertaken among OSMF patients reporting to the OPD of Tertiary care institute for the period of one year in 50 patients. After providing information about the study and obtaining consent, these individuals were divided into two groups of 25 each using random sampling method. Patients in the rebamipide group (group I) were prescribed 100 mg tablets of rebamipide thrice a day for 21 days. The other 25 patients (group II) were given SOC, intralesional betamethasone injection 4 mg/mL once a week for 4 weeks. Visual analog scale (VAS) with 11 points (0–10) was used to assess burning sensation in the first visit, and change in the burning sensation was assessed after every 7th day on VAS in both the groups.Results: Patients who were in rebamipide group the burning sensation reduced from 4.65 to 0.71 on day 30. The burning sensation Patients in betamethasone group, reduced from 5.24 to 1.57 on day 30. (Table 1) The VAS score was significantly different between the rebamipide and betamethasone group (p≤ 0.05) in Third, Fourth and Fifth visit. Conclusion: Rebamipide was equally efficacious if not better than the Betamethasone intralesional injections. Patients treated with rebamipide shows better compliance and lack of iatrogenic fibrosis that commonly caused by repeated mucosal injections make rabamipide a painless alternative to alleviate burning sensation in patients with OSMF
Betamethasone, Oral submucous fibrosis, Rebamipide, Visual analog scale
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