Volume 21 No 3 (2023)
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Comparison of vitamin-D status with body mass index and their relation with lipid parameters
Fauzia Ashfaq1* ,Abdulrahman A.Alsayegh , Salem Rashed Almutairi, Malak Ghazi Almutairi, Mohammad Idreesh Khan ,Jalaluddin Mohammad Ashraf , Mohammed Zahed Sarwar , MirzaMasroor Ali Beg
Vitamin D deficiency is a common health problem especially among women and those of younger ages. Vitamin D is thought to increase the risk of various severe non-skeletal chronic diseases, including autoimmune disorders, cardiovascular disease, and several malignancies.BMI has been linked to lower vitamin D concentrations and have shown a connection between higher BMI. Therefore, present study aimed to evaluate the role of vitamin D status among the participant with different BMI.Study included 150 participants with different BMI status and vitamin D, blood pressure, biochemical parameters and was evaluated. It was observed that males had low HDL (p=0.01), high TG (p<0.0001) and higher VLDL (p=0.02) comparatively. It was observed that the BMI 25- 30kg/m2, >30 kg/m2 had higher systolic (152.11mmHg, 151.41mmHg) and diastolic blood pressure (101.0mmHg, 196.09mmHg) compared to BMI <25kg/m2 respectively. The level of HDL among the participants with BMI 25-30kg/m2, >30 kg/m2 had 41.20mg/dl and 35.81mg/dl while <25 kg/m2 BMI had 44.89mg/dl. It was also observed that the BMI 25-30kg/m2, >30 kg/m2 showed higher TG (277.24mg/dl, 301.85mg/dl) compared to <25 kg/m2 BMI (231.31mg/dl). Participants having BMI, >30 kg/m2 had 18.59mg/dl vitamin-D level while BMI <25 kg/m2, and 25-30 kg/m2 had 32.24mg/dl and 30.13mg/dl vitamin-D level and differences among them was found to be statistically significant (p<0.0001). It suggested a negative correlation between vitamin D status and BMI of the participants (r=-0.41, p<0.0001). Our study concluded that BMI or obesity is linked with altered systolic and diastolic blood pressure, HDL and TG as well as altered vitamin D level among the general population which may lead to other metabolic disorders in future
Body mass index, Vitamin-D, Lipid profile
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