Volume 20 No 12 (2022)
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Determination of Slope Stability Monitoring in Open cast Benches using Total Station
Indoori Srinivas, Dr.Rajni Kant, Rinku Kumar
The purpose of this study is first, to provide a minesurvey perspective on thetypicalproblems thatcanbeexpectedduringslopemonitoringusingtotalstation (also known as prism monitoring) and second,to suggest ways of mitigating such problems. The aim is to create awareness of the implications of incorrect use or negligence during slope monitoring surveys utilizing total station. In surfacemining, slope stability and slope monitoring of bench’s highwall, spoildumps/heapsarenotyetincludedasintegral part of total pit design in India. This subject gets importance onlywhenslopefailureoccurs,raisingdangeralarmofencompassingpresentconditions to be considered in view with the entireminingoperationsorwhenfailureisimpending.Slope failure problems continue to be asource of human &financial losses. Recentfailuresat afewopen cast mines serveto emphasize that additionalstudyisneededinslopedesignandmonitoring.Thisstudyexhibitsthegeodetictechniqueofpredi ctingslopedisplacementsinoverburdendumpsandbenchhigh-wallatmechanized open pit (coal).Though applied researchstudyatminesite,implementationofresultsintodesigns and operating practices significantly reducesthe incidence of failures, more than this nowadays,slopemonitoringhasimprovedlargeenough,costeffective,userfriendly,sincetheintroduction ofadvancedsurveyinginstrumentslikeEDM(Electronicdistancemeasuring)instruments,withprisms or reflectors, GPS (Global positioning system),3-dimensional Laser scanners and slope monitoringradars. Accuracy and limitations of this instrument isdiscussedformentoringthedumpstabilitywhichwill also be looked into. In coming days there is aneed of comprehensive slope monitoring program inanopenpitminewithgreaterslopestabilitychallenges.
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