Volume 21 No 2 (2023)
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Dynamic Analysis and Design of a Dual Nozzle Control System for Gas Turbine Power Plant Efficient Operation Using Parallel PID Controller
Frank Kulor , Elisha Markus,Kusakana Kanzumba
Gas turbine power plants are highly efficient and dependable power generation equipment. Their high energy demand necessitates efficiency and reduced emissions. Gas turbine power plants have demonstrated their remarkable application potential in generating electricity. Initially, the manufacturer predetermines the active fuel type; liquid fuel is typically selected. Traditionally, their design is for a single fuel, and once the product has been manufactured, the user cannot change the fuel supply type. These constraints have an economic impact on the operational cost, resulting in higher energy production costs, which then affect consumers of electrical power supply from gas turbines. Modern research and innovation have enabled these gas turbines to operate on an alternative fuel type. However, the manufacturer predetermines its kind and type. This paper combines the various fuel systems used in different gas turbines into a single gas turbine system for fuel flexibility operation of GT power generation. This flexibility enables a single gas turbine power plant to be designed and operate on various fuels based on the availability and cost per litre at the pump. The article dynamically develops the dual nozzle system and modifies the well-known Rewon GT model for single fuel control. It simulates fuel flexibility operation such that switching from one fuel source to another does not affect the GT output torque and power. To analyse the stability of dynamic flow operations of the dual nozzle system, the design is implemented in MATLAB/Simulink with a PID controller. The simulation result demonstrates that continuous combustion was maintained during the fuel-switching procedure, indicating a seamless transition between the two fuel sources.
Gas Turbine, Dual Nozzle, Switching, PID, fuel flexibility, operational cost, economic, efficiency, low emission
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