Volume 21 No 3 (2023)
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Effect of Music Therapy on SI Joint Dysfunction: Case Report
Nidhi Sharma, Shruti Ramekar , Priyanka Tripathi , Swamini Bhoir ,Tajuddin Chitapure
Background:The Sacro Iliac Joint (SIJ) is a complicated joint that has been undervalued in terms of its role in lower back discomfort. Currently, the treatment of chronic Lower Back Pain (LBP) caused by SIJ is primarily conservative, with surgical indications. However, music therapy appears to impact mood and sentiments. When a patient is undergoing rehabilitation, this therapy is used. Case presentation:The 52-year-old female teacher was patient when she complained of Low Back Pain 5-6 months ago after lifting a heavy object. Her pain is described as a dull aching with periodic stabbing-shooting pain that radiates from her low back through her buttocks, groin, back of the leg, and feet. In this case, the right leg hurt more than the left. On the first day of pre-treatment, the VAS score for discomfort was 3/10 at rest and 9/10 at worst. In this case study, PT intervention was more conservative with music therapy to manage her pain. Conclusion:Music therapy is easily accessible, low-cost, and requires minimal training, and it may help patients with Sacro Iliac Joint dysfunction have a good result with conservative PT management.
SIJ dysfunction,Music therapy, core stabilization exercises
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