Volume 20 No 12 (2022)
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Energy Management and Cost Saving Opportunities for the Pharmaceutical Company
Pramod Kumar Peyyala, Tamatapu Sai Sriram, Konareddy Harsha Vardhan Reddy, Baddepudi Malathi
Our lives depend heavily on energy since it gives us comfort, boosts our productivity, and lets us live the way we want. Since the dawn of time, humans have heated their homes and powered their devices with wood, water and fossil fuels. We use one type of energy or another for almost all of our actions.One of the leading healthcare corporations in the world manufactures a variety of vaccination products. As of right now, only their manufacturing and production site has examined the measurement, evaluation, and conservation of utilities along the production process. The heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are responsible for the majority of the energy utilized on – site. The Cleanliness Zoning Policy for the manufactures of sterile drug products and the respective (sterile) drug substances stringent standards are too responsible for this production areas are controlled for Temperature, Relative humidity and differential pressure to comply Good Manufacturing practices. To maintain environmental conditions (RH) hot water is used in air handling units. Hot water generated by steam generation from boiler is consuming high energy and fuel consumption is increasing and Chillers are used to meet chilled water requirement of the plantfor meeting the process requirements and controlling the %RH of air in AHU. It is also increasing CO2 emission which causing global carbon footprint warming. Particularly in light of the current state of the world economy and the growing demand for factories to operate in a more ecologically responsible manner, reducing energy usage is essential to keeping the business competitive.The goal of energy management is to achieve and maintain optimal energy acquisition and the secret to a systematic strategy for accountability in the field of energy management is an energy audit. Reducing the quantity of energy andeasy-to-use energy model developed they would consider lighting, pumps, chillers, and HVAC Systems.
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