Volume 20 No 12 (2022)
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Experimental investigation on enhancement of mechanical properties by coating ceramic material on Al7075Alloy
Gottipati Venkata Rambabu, S. C. Sireesha, Baddepudi Malathi , Pramod Kumar Peyyala
The practice of coatings on conventional metals and their alloys is now widespread universally in manufacturing industry for lowering production cost and enhancing productivity, all of which are very crucial if industry is to endure economical competition. The materials may get failed because of their poor mechanical properties like strength and hardness. These essential properties of the materials to sustain for longer servicing life can be improved by applying a suitable coating over the material. The durability of the material depends on the proper choice of coating materials, propositioning and curing. The Ceramic coatings can transform an ordinary metal into a highperformance surface. The fabrication of a ceramic coating on the metallic substrate is usually applied to achieve the improved performance of the material. Plasma electrolytic oxidation (PEO) is one of the most promising methods to reach this performance, mostly wear and corrosion resistance. Traditional PEO is carried out in an aqueous electrolyte. However, the current research work concentrated on the characterization of Al7075 coated by Zirconium Oxide using Spraying method to avoid disadvantages of system heating-up and the formation of undesired elements in the coating. The effect of Zirconium coating on the mechanical characterisation of Aluminium alloy Al7075is presented in the paper. From this Experimental investigation, an enhancement in Tensile strength, Impact strength and hardness of aluminium alloy Al7075 is observed by applying zirconium coating.
Coating; Spray Coating Process; Tensile Strength; Impact Strength; Hardness;
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