Volume 20 No 12 (2022)
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K. Sudheer Kumar ,Bibudha Ranjan Tripathy, J. Josephine Leno Jenita, Chandra Shekhar Reddy Bonepally, V.T Iswariya,Konatham Teja Kumar Reddy
In current running technology cosmetics has high demand in the market with fewer side-effects. Herbal cosmetics has eco-friendly nature substance with causes lesser adverse effects. At present herbal cosmetics are the trending in fashions. Most of the herbal cosmetics are nature-based cosmetics. Lipstick is an herbal cosmetic which contains pigments, oils, waxes which protect and applies colour and texture to the lips. Lipstick is a general cosmetic that is worn by women. The current work is aimed to prepare an herbal lipstick from colour pigments of curcuma longa and Citrullus lanatus and the preparation consists of ingredients such as olive oil, bees wax, white soft paraffin, acacia, coloured pigment of curcuma longa, & Citrullus lanatus, strawberry, lemon juice & vanilla essence. Due high side effects of the chemicals, natural products are used for the formulation. The prepared formulation is evaluated for various parameters such as PH , melting point, skin irritation test, solubility test, breaking point etc. were performed for safe and effective use of the formulation.
Curcuma longa, Citrullus lanatus, lipstick, herbal, cosmetics, pigment Eco-friendly
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