Volume 20 No 12 (2022)
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Implanted drug delivery systems, a revolutionary advance in nursing care: a literature review
Dra. Grimaneza Fonseca Diaz, Dra. Grimaneza Fonseca Diaz
Technological advances in the health area, and within it in nursing itself, have optimized each one of the processes related to the care, diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Therefore, nursing professionals must develop skills in managing these technologies in parallel with digital development. Today, there is an increase in the population with chronic diseases and/or disabilities that could be favored with the use of these devices. With our work, we have proposed to carry out a review to identify the knowledge and use of implanted systems for drug administration and the advantages they offer in nursing care. Methodology: A bibliographic review was carried out in the database, Clinical Key, using the keywords: technological devices, innovation, health devices, technological advances, implanted drug administration systems and nursing care; having as inclusion criteria: articles published between 2016-2022, in full text and in three languages, a total of 16 articles is obtained. This review takes into account the ethical considerations of health research and copyright. When carrying out the analysis, a category called: implant systems for the administration of drugs applied to nursing care is established with a subcategory, Devices used in adults. Technological development in the health area has exponentially improved the diagnosis and recovery of patients, which has made it possible to provide them with timely and excellent care. For the nurse, this device becomes an invaluable support tool for nursing interventions when it comes to medicating the patient, which favors their speedy recovery, within the framework of humanized care.
technology, innovation in health, technological devices, technological advances, implanted health systems medication administration, nursing care
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