Volume 18 No 9 (2020)
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Inelastic Scattering form Factors for Carbon and Oxygen Halo Isotopes
Alyaa F. Rajab, Khalid S. Jassim
In the present article, an inelastic electron scattering form factors 13,15,19C nuclei distributed in the 1p1/2, 1d5/2 and 2s1/2 model space (outside 12C inert core) and 17,23O nuclei in sd model space (outside 16O inert core) has been studied. 15,19C and 23O is one neutron halo nuclei. The shell model calculations have been completed by the recent version of the shell model code NushellX@MSU. The effective interactions ZBMI employed to calculate the energy eigenvalues and eigen states that is used to calculate the one body transition densities (OBTD) to be used in the inelastic electron scattering form factors calculations. Tassie and Bohr-Mottelson models are employed to calculate the total form factors with harmonic oscillator potential (HO) and we get good agreement with available experimental data.
Inelastic Electron Scattering, Nuclear Shell Model, NushellX@MSU Code, One Neutron Halo Nuclei, Total form Factor, Tassie Model, Bohr-Mottelson Model. DOI Number: 10.14704/nq.2020.18.9.NQ20213
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