Volume 20 No 12 (2022)
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N., Abdul Aziz , F., Mohamed Isa, M. H.,Abu Bakar and H., Saripan
Consumers during this spread of the COVID-19 pandemic continue to believe in the concept of ‘prevention is better than cure’. However, the preventive measure adopted varies from the traditional method where the latter resort to consuming healthy food in its original form and the earlier consumes so called healthy supplementary products that has intervention of new technology. Consumers lose clarity in understanding the method, composition, and components of health supplement items as the supplements sector expands with new inventions and advances in technology. This is made worse by deceiving marketing strategies adopted by the producer. The bold act of the producer in claiming that their product may cure serious diseases is not only unethical, but it is also a crime. Government of different jurisdictions adopts various monitoring measure to protect the rights of the consumer. In addressing this issue, this study aims at analysing the legal framework in selected jurisdictions that includes Singapore, Australia and United States of America with a view of identifying the best practices and proposing an effective legal framework. The study uses qualitative methods incorporating critical analysis on the legal framework of the selected jurisdiction. The area that is analysed consist of the accepted definition (to date this has become the main issue in regulating supplementary products), the registration process, the governing authority, and the post-registration monitoring. The analysis of data gathered through qualitative methods entails content analysis, which is supplemented by semi-structured interviews with respondents who were purposefully chosen. The findings to the study disclose the strength and weaknesses of the Malaysian legal framework that can be remedied by learning from the selected jurisdiction method. The output of this study may assist the government, policymaker, industry players and the consumer in reforming the protection of consumers to the supplementary products
Supplementary products; consumer protection, Monitoring of supplementary product, Malaysia legal framework on supplementary product
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