Volume 20 No 22 (2022)
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Relatioship Between Emotional Intelligence And Stress Coping Styles Among Teacher Educators
SyedaKauserFatima,Dr.A.Tholappan , Dr.K.Anandan ,Dr.S. Ashour
Emotional intelligence is one of the biggest factors that contribute to the success ofindividuals who assume various tasks and roles in modern life. It is also important in determininghow individuals cope with the stress that can potentially limit their emotional relationships,decrease their efficiency, and reduce the pleasure of life. The main purposes of this study were toconsider the concepts of emotional intelligence and stress, and to conduct an applied study of therelationship between these two variables. The Teacher educators who worked at some of theprivate colleges of education in the Trichy District were studied, and this present study identifieda significant relationship between emotional intelligence and stress. This is undergone with thesurvey method of research and purposive sampling technique was adapted. In the present study100Teachereducatorsfromvariouscollegesofeducationwasselectedassample.Majorityteachereducators showed active problem and emotional coping behavior; however, a strong, positivecorrelation between emotional intelligence and stress coping style was found for the domainsassociatedwithActiveEmotionalandProblemCoping(α ⩽ 0.05).Itrevealedthatteachereducatorsareefficien tinutilizingstresscopingstrategiesandrecommendedthatprincipalsshouldprovideguidancetostudentsregardingem otionalintelligenceandstresscopingstyles.
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