Volume 20 No 12 (2022)
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Screening of Microbial Diversity and Their Role in The Deterioration of City Wall of Jaipur, India
Mansvi Yadav & Varsha Gupta
The city wall of Jaipur (INDIA) which surrounded the whole city (old Jaipur) is now comes under UNESCO world heritage site. The Jaipur city wall is the city wall encircling the old Jaipur city in Rajasthan state in India. In this article, discussed about bacterial and fungal diversity and deterioration of the site. Total of 151 bacterial and 125 fungal colonies were identified among them Klebsiella pneumoniaand Aspergillus tubingensis most abundant one. Importance value index (IVI) of bacterial species revealed that the Klebsiella pneumoniashow maximum IVI value (50.44%) and Micrococcus sp. (24.37%) shows the least IVI value. And for fungal species, Importance value index (IVI) discloses Aspergillus tubingensis shows maximum IVI value (61.54%) and Mucor sp. (30.26%) shows the least IVI value. The surface area of City wall of Jaipur was characterised on the basis of visual inspection method. This study helps to find the culturable biodeteriogens mainly bacteria and fungi which excreted most of enzymes, acids and pigments to deteriorate the site and appearance. Identified data helps in providing a strategy for healthy environment and identify indigenous culturable micro-organisms from the ancient fort.
Biodeterioration, Bacteria, Fungi, Temperature, pH, City wall of Jaipur.
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