Volume 20 No 12 (2022)
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Shear Performance of R.C. Deep Beam Using Hybrid Fiber as Reinforcement
Pradugn Varhade, S.B. Javheri , S.K. Kulkarni
Researcher have established that the use of fibre reinforced concrete for casting of R.C. deep beams can prevent early cracking, improve the shear strength of deep beam and increase strain carrying capacity of concrete. Furthermore, it is found that using Hybrid fibre reinforced concrete (HFRC), reinforced with two or more different types of fibres, can produce superior results. The use of combination of small, discrete, randomly oriented fibres improves the strength and resistance against deformation of concrete members. The present study focuses on inclusion of hooked end steel fibre (SF), fibrillated polypropylene fibres (PP) and alkali resistance glass (GF) fibres in predefined proportion in the concrete mix to cast HFRC deep beams and study the effect on strength of deep beams. It is observed that HFRC deep beams, cast with a workable mix with a maximum fibre content of 1% steel + 0.3% PP + 0.16% glass fibre by volume of concrete, exhibit improvements of 49.67% in first crack load and 88.13% in load at failure when compared to conventional deep beams with a shear span to depth ratio of 0.5.
Deep beam, HFRC, two point load, shear strength, ultimate load capacity
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