Volume 18 No 3 (2020)
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Structural Characteristics, Synthesis of Novel TiO2/VO (II) Composites Thin Films Decorated with Chlorophyllvia Solvothermal-Laser Dual Technique
Mohammed H.K. Al-Mamoori, Saif M. Alshrefi, Mohammed J. Jader, A.K. Kodeary
TiO2/VO (II) thin films have been deposited on silicon wafer substrates via technique of pulsed laser deposition (PLD)by using Nd: YAG–(1064nm) wavelength laser in two values of pulse energy (60& 120mJ) and pulses number (70 p.). Powder of VO (II) weight percentage (30wt%) soaked alone in (Chlorophyll's extracted Dye from Nerium Oleander's leafs) by Solvothermal Technique toward after drying, final powder mixed & made target with TiO2 powder in weight percentage of (70wt%). The structural properties of the films studied to restriction which one produces the best suitable structure for industrial applications. SEM images showed that the granules are regularly distributed on the surface of the film, vanadium oxides at certain sites without other sites with a new behavior of grain growth (average grain size) during deposition, that when the laser energy increases, then the particle size decreases, (reduced from 62 nm to 48 nm)as is known or recognized. EDX confirms the appearance of the three elements Titanium, Vanadium, Magnesium, Carbon and Oxygen in high weight percentage. The XRD pattern showed polycrystalline structure with discriminatory orientations in planes (101) & (110) at (2θ=25.82), (-401) at (2θ=30.52), (400) at (2θ=31.47), (401) & (004) at (2θ=36.86) which accordance with AFM, the surface of the thin films shows that the granules have undergone re-crystallization.
PLD Technique, Solvothermal, Chlorophyll, Thin Films, Structural and Morphological Properties, TiO2/VO (II) System.
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