Volume 20 No 12 (2022)
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The Strategy For The Expansion of New Urban Village Area in Tasikmalaya City Regional Government
Rojab Riswan Taufik , Soleh Suryadi , Lia Muliawaty
The current implementation of regional autonomy continues and has provided broad opportunities for each region to explore its resources in order to increase various progress and acceleration. Of course for these autonomous regions to be able to carry out government functions through various arrangements, services, development, empowerment and protection in a more transparent and accountable manner, then along with the implementation of regional autonomy, regional expansion cannot be avoided by itself, including at the urban village level. The purpose of this study is to analyze the strategy for the expansion of the new urban village area in the City of Tasikmalaya, where the research method used is descriptive analysis, with a qualitative approach, and the results of this study explain that, the implementation of the expansion of the new village area in the City of Tasikmalaya in general is still not running well. effective. This means that the process of expanding the new urban village area to be expanded can have the expected impact (positive) and some have an unexpected impact (negative) for both the community and the government. There are factors in the Expansion of the New Urban Village in the Regional Government of the City of Tasikmalaya, namely the area of a region, the division of government power, the number of residents, regional employees and regional finances. However, in practice these factors have not been fully effective, for example, regional employees and regional finance so that there are still problems encountered related to the process of Expansion of the New Urban Village Area in Tasikmalaya City. There is an effective strategy in the Expansion of the New Urban Village Area in Tasikmalaya City, namely community independence or empowerment, professionalism of the apparatus and the empowerment of the bureaucracy that is able to serve the demands of public sector services and the availability of adequate apparatus and finances to carry out activities in various potentials and needs that exist in the organization.
Strategy, Regional Expansion, Local Government
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