Volume 20 No 22 (2022)
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The influence of reference groups on purchasing patterns among Indian Customers: A conceptual study
Indu Shukla, Pranav Singh, Krishna Pal Singh, Manish Dhingra , Vaishali Dhingra
This conceptual study explores the significant influence of reference groups on the purchasing patterns of Indian customers. Reference groups, comprising individuals or entities that serve as points of comparison for an individual's beliefs, attitudes, and behaviours, play a crucial role in shaping consumer behaviour. In the context of the Indian market, where social relationships and cultural dynamics are deeply entrenched, the impact of reference groups on purchasing decisions becomes particularly pronounced. Drawing upon theoretical frameworks from sociology, psychology, and marketing, this paper examines the mechanisms through which reference groups exert influence on consumer behaviour in India. It delves into the various types of reference groups prevalent in Indian society, including family, peers, social media influencers, and aspirational figures. Additionally, it investigates the channels through which reference group influence is transmitted, such as word-of-mouth communication, social media interactions, and cultural norms. Furthermore, this study explores the implications of reference group influence on different aspects of the consumer decision-making process, including product choice, brand preference, and consumption behaviour. It discusses how Indian consumers seek validation and social approval through their purchasing decisions, often aligning them with the preferences and norms of their reference groups. Moreover, this paper highlights the role of marketers in leveraging reference group influence to shape consumer perceptions and promote their products or services effectively. By understanding the dynamics of reference group influence in the Indian context, marketers can develop targeted strategies that resonate with the cultural values and social dynamics prevalent among Indian consumers. Overall, this conceptual study contributes to the existing body of knowledge on consumer behavior by providing insights into the influence of reference groups on purchasing patterns among Indian customers. It underscores the importance of considering social and cultural factors in understanding consumer behavior and designing marketing strategies that resonate with the target audience in diverse cultural contexts.
Reference group, Consumer behaviour, Purchasing habits, Consumer perception.
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