Volume 20 No 12 (2022)
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The role of foliar spraying of banana peel extract and the addition of bio-fertilizer in the qualitative traits and total yield of carrot plants
Marwa Abdel Rasoul Howeidi, Ali Ibadi Manea and Ali Karim Slomy
The field experiment was conducted at the training extension farm in Al-Mahanawiya / Al-Musayyab district, 25 km northwest of Hilla city center / Babylon provainc. The seeds of the Samen carrot hybrid were planted during the autumn season on October 3, 2021.To study the role of foliar spraying of banana peel extract and the addition of bio-fertilizer on the qualitative traits and total yield of carrot plants. The experiment was designed according to a split plot-system using a randomized complete block design with three replicates. The results of the experiment were statistically analyzed according to the method of analysis of variance and according to the significant differences between the treatments at the probability level of 0.05 using the least significant difference LSD. The results indicated that the bio-fertilization (Biohealth) had a significant effect on (the percentage of nitrogen and potassium in carrots and the percentage of protein in the roots of the carrot plant for wet weight), and (Fulzyme) scored significantly in (the percentage of phosphorous in carrots, the total yield, the ratio of wood to bark and the root content of beta-carotene and ascorbic acid).Treatment with the organic extract of banana peels showed significantly excelled at the concentration of 40 ml. L-1 in (percentage of soluble solids T.S.S., carrot content of ascorbic acid, and carrot root carbohydrate content) and at a concentration of 20 ml. L-1 in (percentage of potassium in carrots and total yield).The bi- interaction of the bio-fertilization treatment and the organic extract indicated significant differences, as the interaction between Fulzyme and the concentration 40 ml.L -1 in carrot content of ascorbic acid was significantly excelled to (2.83 mg.100gm-1 fresh weight), The interaction between Biohealth and the concentration of 40 ml.L-1 recorded the highest content of carrots of betacarotene (2.55 mg.100gm-1 fresh weight) respectively, and the interaction between Biohealth and the concentration20ml.L-1 recorded the highest total yield of (12.73 tons.ha-1 ).Whereas, the lowest rate of all studied traits was reached when the control treatment was given for both biofertilization and banana peel extract.
carrot- Bio fertilizer - Banana peel extract- Quality& yield total parameters.
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