Volume 20 No 22 (2022)
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To Study the Effectiveness of Argemone Mexicana and Jacaranda Caroba 200 in patients with Osteoarthritis of Knee joint
Sadaf R.A. Khan & Anil V. Patil
the 2nd most common rheumatological problem and most frequent joint disease is osteoarthritis. the prevalence of osteoarthritis in India ranges from 22% to 39%. As per the literature, available osteoarthritis of the knee joint is widely seen in the population. The study was primarily aimed to study the effectiveness of Argemone Mexicana and Jacaranda Caroba200 in patients with osteoarthritis of the knee joint. It was a phase 2, single-blind, non- randomized, interventional study. 30 patients were enrolled in the study. Left and Right knee Osteoarthritis patients were intervened with Argemone Mexicana Jacaranda Caroba 200 respectively. WOMAC Index was used as outcome assessment tool, before and after intervention; scores were statistically analyzed using paired ‘t’ test to assess the pain, stiffness, and functional limitation. The difference between pain score before and after treatment was 5.23 ± 2.10 which was highly significant (p-value 0.000).The stiffness score difference before and after Intervention was 3.17 ± 1.12 which was highly significant (p-value 0.000).The difference between functionality limitation score Before and after intervention was 24.63 ± 5.68 which was highly significant (pvalue 0.000). The difference between WOMAC Index score before and after intervention was 34.67 ± 9.60 which was highly significant (p-value 0.000). Overall, 16.67% patients showed mild improvement, 43.33% of patients showed moderate improvement whereas 40.00% showed marked improvement. It was concluded that Homoeopathic medicine Argemone Mexicana for left sided OA knee and Jacaranda Caroba for right sided knee joint in 200 potency were effective in management of Osteoarthritis of knee joint.
osteoarthritis of knee joint, Argemone Mexicana, Jacaranda Caroba, WOMAC index, CAM, Homoeopathy
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