Volume 21 No 2 (2023)
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Water Quality Analysis of the Wuapula River through the ICA-NSF and BMWP/COL.In Morona Santiago - Ecuador, 2022
XimenaRashell Cazorla-Vinueza , Jessica Paola Arcos Logroño , Julio Cesar López Ayala , Goering Octavio Zambrano-Cárdenas, Jhander Josué Bermeo Panjon
Rivers are important ecosystems that we must protect against pollution produced by the multiple human and natural activities that are deteriorating the quality of water sources. The main objective of this study is to evaluate the water quality of the Wuapula River micro-watershed by applying the ICA-NSF quality index and the BMWP/COL biological index in April, May, and June 2022. Three georeferenced monitoring points were selected (Wuapula Point 1, Wuapula Point 2, and Wuapula Point 3) with a 2 km stretch between the three points. The ICA-NSF index establishes 9 parameters to monitor in its methodology. Once these parameters were analyzed, the ICA's were calculated at the three points established in the sampling plan, with average results of 71.65 at point 1, classified as good quality water, and 62.42 at point 2, which is classified as good quality water, This indicates that the quality of the water in this microwatershed can be used for human consumption after drinking water treatment and for agricultural and livestock irrigation it can be used without any treatment. For the BMWP/COL biological index, the water quality at the 3 study points was acceptable according to the sensitivity of the macroinvertebrate families, which indicates that the water is slightly contaminated with organic matter from human and natural activities. The study has implemented a proposal to mitigate and reduce the contamination of the water quality of the Wuapula River with the commitment of the community of Santa Rosa to execute the proposal.
macroinvertebrates, bioindicators, water quality, Biological Monitoring Working Party/Col, Water Quality Index (ICA-NSF), pollution.
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