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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.5.NQ22581

Stress Analysis based on Atmospheric, Physical, and Personal Stressors to Improve Deployment of Military Personnel

Monica Pallavi J, Vinodhini S,Sandeep J,Libin ThomasKirubanandV B,Balamurugan E


Military personnel are subjected to severe stress and hardships due to their lifestyles and the environment they work in, which negatively affects their mental health. This has the potential to become a hazard to the defence sector since deploying unstable personnel might pose serious security and other issues that can not be dealt with, especially when the personnel are deployed in high-risk regions. This research strives to cover psychological instability and stress among soldiers, thereby developing a model that can help the authorities to consider alternatives for effective personnel deployment. Different attributes causing stress are analysed to help identify and predict stress in those individuals who have been deployed. The proposed research work employs machine learning approaches to analyse various information such as atmospheric stressors, vital signs, and family conditions for stress prediction


Stress Management, Military, Applications, Deployment, Psychology, Machine Learning, Random Forest Algorithm

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