DOI: 10.14704/nq.2018.16.8.1267

Integral Relativity of Awareness and Energy- The Continuum of Consciousness, Energy, Mind and Matter

Lex Neale


Integral Relativity, as an extension of General Relativity, Special Relativity and Advanced Relativity, has four proposed Tenets: (1) The Equation of Energy with Awareness; (2) The Conservation of Awareness; (3) The Continuum of Energy, Consciousness, Mind and Matter via the Kosmic Constant; (4) The Integral Relativity between Observers and Observed in Hilbert Spaces as specified Frequency Domains. It is corroborated by the Observer Effect in all the related double slit and interferometer experiments, most notably those of Dean Radin’s Sigma 7 rated results; by the “Unified Spacememory Network”, modeled by Nassim Haramein and William Brown; by Dirk Meijer’s 4D quantum modeling of “Consciousness in the Universe”; by Elizabeth Rauscher’s “Complex Eight Dimensional Model of Minkowsky Space; by Lex Neale’s octo-dynamic extension of Ken Wilber’s All Quadrants, All Levels “AQAL Integral model” called the “AQAL Cube”, which correlates non-physical existence with physical existence as an octo-dynamic fractal continuum; and Garret Lisi’s E8 Geometry underlying the unfolding of physical existence. Integral Relativity predicts that the Observer and observed are a mutually inclusive Consciousness/Mind/Energy/Matter continuum through 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D and nD Hilbert Spaces as full-spectrum Domains of correlated existence. We propose that the terms Consciousness and Mind be no longer used synonymously in the scientific community, but differentiated as an integral Awareness/Energy continuum between 4D and 5D Hilbert Spaces, where 5D Consciousness is Subtle intentional awareness, and 4D Mind is its correlated local or Concrete awareness and means of en-action, as per Meijer.


Observer Effect, Observer/Witness, Consciousness, Mind, Energy, Matter, Quantum Vacuum, Zero Point Field, Quantum Field, Unified Spacememory Network, Hilbert Spaces, Subtle Energy, Integral Theory, AQAL Cube, E8 Geometry, Holographic Fractals

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