Volume 20 No 22 (2022)
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Web based Customer’s Negative Feedback System for Quality Improvement
Priya Rathore , Dr. Rachana Dashore , Dr. Pankaj Dashore
Customer’s Negative Feedback System is designed to get the negative feedback from the customer and review that feedback to improve the quality of a “Product ” and “Services”. The main aim of designing this dynamic web application, especially to get “Negative Feedback” from customers. We followed the best software engineering principle and practices for designing this application. We designed and developed a web based application as “Customer’s Negative Feedback System for Quality Improvement”, using PHP and MYSQL. Designed system will process the customer’s negative feedback received as an input through different customers and will further evaluated by the Manager. This paper representing Web based Customer’s Negative Feedback System For Quality Improvement , implementation for Organization which Manufactured Products, Organization which Sells Products Online/Offline and also for different organization which offers different types of Services. The Purpose of developing this web application for getting “Negative Feedback” from the customer for quality Improvement of a product or a service and to provide a platform to customer where they can share their general opinion about product or service which consumer is experiencing . A platform where they can share their real feedback whether it is Positive or Negative, but the main focus is to design and develop this web based application is to get “Negative Feedback” and to work upon this negative feedback to convert it into “Positive Feedback” by improving its quality , according to feedback given by the customer. This system is quick response based system, here Manager is focused to look upon the negative feedback given by the customer , whether he has to “Accept” the feedback or “Reject” the feedback within given time limit that will save time and increase efficiency by taking quick decisions by managers and make it more responsive .
Customer’s Negative Feedback System ,Quality Improvement , Responsive Web Based Application, PHP , Laravel, Wordpress , MYSQL.
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